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Advantages of lymphatic drainage in Thai massage

Lymphatic massage is part of massage therapy, in which we combine the field of pressure therapy and alternative medicine.

Benefits of Therapeutic Thai Massages

In our center we use massage techniques that, together with those of physiotherapy, help us to restore harmony and well-being to the body...

Skin care in Thailand

The Thai secret to perfect skin? An ancient fusion: skin care as a ritual, facial massages and the best natural cosmetic products.

The perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Do you go crazy for your partner and this Valentine's Day you want to show him through a slightly different detail? Always keep in mind that original gifts are always the ones that are most remembered...

The pinda massage

“Pinda massage” is very popular among Ayurvedic massages for relaxing treatments.

This Christmas gives a Thai Massage

Come pick up your Gift Voucher for Thai Spa Massage or get in touch by phone to send the perfect gift to whoever you want.

What is Balinese massage?

The Balinese massage treatment that we offer allows you to find yourself, thanks to the balance between body and mind, and thanks to this, live your existence fully and positively.

Give a Thai Spa Massage for your company

Well-being is increasingly recurrent in customizable original gifts. This Christmas, give a Thai massage to your employees to relieve stress.

A romantic weekend in Barcelona

This city stands out for being the ideal place to spend an exotic and special weekend. Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in the world, there is no person who has not heard of this wonderful city.

TopRated 2020 Treatwell Certificate

To celebrate once again the fantastic customer experience in our facilities, the most outstanding website in booking appointments for body care and beauty treatments in our country, awards Thai Spa Massage with the Top Rated 2020 award.

Purifies the skin with aromatic massage

The Thai aromatic massage purifies the skin of toxins through a complete treatment with essential oils, personalized and recommended for all ages, achieving perfectly balanced smooth skin with a luminous complexion.

Thai massage before childbirth

Pregnancy is a magical and unique time when a new life grows inside you. Many women can feel fulfilled and happy during their pregnancies, however, this does not avoid the physical and mental inconveniences that this entails.

Why is a Thai massage the best for your body?

To get rid of daily stress and relax, there is nothing better than a good traditional Thai massage a week, an ancient technique with many benefits for the body.

“Travelers’ Choise” Certificate 2020 from TripAdvisor

From Thai Spa Massage Barcelona, ​​on behalf of our entire team, we want to thank our clients and users, with all our hearts, for their excellent opinions and ratings.

Give a Thai massage as a couple

Nowadays, with the stress and rush of our urban world, most couples find it difficult to get quality time and enjoy it together, especially in big cities like Barcelona.

Thai Gastronomy: taste a fascinating culture

Thai cuisine is known as one of the best in the world. Discover a new culture or get closer to the ancient Thai tradition with the fusion of the most typical dishes and Thai massage.

History of Thai massage and its evolution

The history of Thai massage dates back more than 2,500 years, founded by the legendary Shivago Komparaj, who was a doctor and a personal friend of […]

Forget about stress: relax post confinement with Thai massage.

There is no better way to ease all tensions, while gradually returning to the new normal, than with a Thai massage. In Thai massage, anguish, stress […]

Thai Spa Massage – Covid Free

Thai Spa Massage Barcelona has obtained the Covid Free certificate granted by the Passeig de Gracia Merchants Association...

Benefits of foot massage

Foot massage is a traditional Thai practice that eliminates tension, relieves pain, reduces stress and restores the body's general balance.