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Discover the latest news and culture of Thailand in our blog and immerse yourself in a world of wellness, exotic tradition, relaxation, and natural therapies.

Another way to travel to Thailand to get to know our country and its traditions in depth, without leaving Barcelona.


Travel to Thailand: know the country and 5 places that, yes or yes, you must visit
Discover everything you need to know before visiting the country of smiles and 5 tourist places you must see to enjoy an authentic Thai experience.
Thai massage, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage
The “Nuad Thai” is, since 2019, the only massage discipline that has obtained the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Benefits of Thai therapeutic massages
In our center we use techniques that help us restore the harmony and well-being of the body.

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17 de November de 2022

Discover the benefits of Swedish massage

We are passionate about massage and in this post we dive into the history and techniques of Swedish massage, ideal for eliminating tension and reaffirming muscles.
17 de November de 2022

Best Spa and Wellness Center in Barcelona according to TripAdvisor

Our two Thai Spa Massage centers are in the best Spas and Wellness Centers in all of Barcelona according to TripAdvisor.
17 de November de 2022

We are Top Rated 2022 by Treatwell!

We have achieved the Top Rated award again! Thank you for distinguishing our two centers for the fourth year.
17 de November de 2022

Get to know our Spa in Barcelona!

Discover our Spa facilities, we bring you closer to Thailand in an exclusive space of relaxation and comfort in the heart of Barcelona.
17 de November de 2022

Thai & Bali Massage: a revolutionary fusion

At Thai Spa Massage we made a decision: to create an extraordinary fusion between the intensity of Thai massage and the deep relaxation of Balinese massage. Why choose a single style when you can unite the best of two disciplines?
17 de November de 2022

Discover the Phi Ta Khon: the festival of ghosts

The history of the Phi Ta Khon Festival, or more commonly known as the Ghost Festival, goes back a long time. It is said that Prince Vessantara (Buddha in the life of him....
17 de November de 2022

Thai temples: inside the cradle of learning

Thai temples are not only religious centers for devotees, discover all the secrets that these places keep and their impact on Nuad Boran with us
18 de November de 2022

Polynesian massage: the best of Hawaii at your fingertips

Polynesian massage has been practiced for more than 4,000 years in the group of islands located in the central and southern Pacific Ocean. Today we travel from Bangkok to Honolulu to discover this great luxury.
18 de November de 2022

Give a couple a Thai massage

Nowadays, with the stress and rush of our urban world, it is difficult for most couples to find quality time and enjoy it together, especially in big cities like Barcelona.
18 de November de 2022

The chakras: a spiritual map of the human body

Energy receptors located in the human body, or colored disks on a silhouette, the chakras are the answer when you want to align your energy.