History of Thai massage and its evolution

The history of Thai massage dates back more than 2,500 years, founded by the legendary Shivago Komparaj, who was a doctor and a personal friend of […]

Forget about stress: relax post confinement with Thai massage.

There is no better way to ease all tensions, while gradually returning to the new normal, than with a Thai massage. In Thai massage, anguish, stress […]

Thai Spa Massage – Covid Free

Thai Spa Massage Barcelona has obtained the Covid Free certificate granted by the Passeig de Gracia Merchants Association...

Benefits of foot massage

Foot massage is a traditional Thai practice that eliminates tension, relieves pain, reduces stress and restores the body's general balance.

Thai massage and Sen trails

Thai massage is born from an ancient tradition focused on working on power lines, known as Sen paths

Reopening Thai Spa Massage On Monday 25th May

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken us all by surprise. Internationally affecting many businesses, which have remained closed in these difficult times.

Thai massage

The traditional Thai massage is an ancient technique with a long history. It is also known as Thai Massage .

The effect of massage oil on the skin

By applying oil in the massage we increase its benefits on the skin and we discover new ways to take care of our body. Let’s discover […]

Why thai massages are so succesful?

Within the great variety of massages that are currently on the market, it is clear that Thai massages have stood out as the most chosen by […]

Auteur trip to Bangkok and Singapur

Would you like to get to know Bangkok and Singapore in a different way? This is not a typical agency trip, it is an auteur trip. […]

Thai Spa Massage obtains the 2019 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor

Our massage center in Barcelona is one of the most reputable and proof of them is that we have received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. […]

The Thailand Day in Barcelona 2019

The next 26 May is celebrated Thailand Day in Barcelona , with a festival presenting the public with the best of Thai gastronomy and culture. The […]

Thai New Year and the water party

Although the most common of the new years is Chinese, in Thailand they also celebrate their own with a party called Songkran. The indicated date is […]

Benefits of a hawaiian massage

Within the great variety of therapies that exist to enhance physical and mental well-being, Hawaiian massage is one of the most recommended. The sensuality that comes […]

Experience in Thailand without leaving Barcelona

Fruit of the collaboration between Thai Spa Massage and Thai Barcelona | Royal Cuisine we offer you an exclusive Thai experience for two people, without having […]

Massages for couples: the perfect activity for 2019

Massages for couples are an alternative to leave the routine, a way to build trust, love and strengthen the bonds that bind them, while enjoying all […]

4-hand massage: twice more comfortable

Four-hand massage is one of the most comforting therapies you can find. Through the combined work of two masseurs, you will be able to experience greater […]

History of Oriental Massage

Throughout history, massage has been one of the most effective means to achieve well-being. Human contact has a strong power over our organism, which is why […]

Why should you choose a thai massage?

Born thousands of years ago, Thai massage combines different techniques. In general, it is influenced by Buddhism (shiatsu), Indian Ayurveda, meditation, yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. […]

FC Barcelona and massages in August

On 15 August, a new edition of the Joan Gamper Trophy will take place, the summer match that is usually the presentation of FC Barcelona to […]