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Releases Stress

The Thai back massage is a recommended massage to relieve cervical tension. And it is that the areas that suffer the most on a day-to-day basis are the neck, shoulders and back, because that is where emotional and bodily stress is concentrated.

Massages in the cervical area are the ideal option to improve blood flow and release tension. Our Thai therapists perform this treatment on our beds imported from Thailand or in a massage chair.

Thai back massage

Thai back massage focuses on the area that accumulates cervical tension. Thanks to the combination of massages in the three key areas that suffer the most on a daily basis: the neck, the shoulders and the back, you will feel immediate relief, you will travel to a state of absolute liberation, saying goodbye to all the stress accumulated in your body.

The effect of this massage on the cervical area is immediate. Experience the feeling of relief by improving blood flow and free yourself from emotional and bodily stress.

Immerse yourself in relaxation

Enjoy a moment for yourself. This is an opportunity to disconnect and relieve accumulated tensions.

Our Thai back massage will help you tone up and you will be able to eliminate pain in those areas that bother you so much, relaxing the worked area of ​​the back.

How do we perform the Thai back massage?

The Thai back massage focuses on the neck, shoulder blades and head. Our masseuses know how to reactivate the blood supply thanks to their ancient massage techniques. Thus they manage to relieve muscle load and all stress in a single treatment. This massage is performed on our high tables, imported from Thailand and specially designed for our massages, capable of supporting the full weight of the masseuse or, if you prefer, on a massage chair.

Discover the benefits of Thai back massage at Thai Spa Massage.