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Craniofacial holistic treatment

Did you know that facial expression zones retain the emotions they express? The Thai head massage is responsible for releasing all this tension. This massage is very complete and, although it mainly works the head, it also treats the most important parts of the face, the scalp and the neck, activating blood circulation.

The Thai head or cranial massage is performed on a high table imported from Thailand or on a massage chair.

Experience relaxation at the highest confluence of the Sen Paths

This massage is a holistic treatment that treats all areas of the head, which is why it is known as a craniofacial massage. The technique of this massage consists of working each area by pressing the key points of facial and cranial reflexology. This activates blood circulation and oxygenation in these areas to eliminate accumulated tension.

Thai head massage has its origins in the ancient Shiro Abhyanga massage of Ayurvedic medicine. Among its properties we find not only its therapeutic purposes, but also its aesthetic application to tone the facial muscles, also highlighting the feeling of well-being and relaxation that is experienced after the massage.

Our masseuses have developed these ancient massage techniques of Ayurvedic medicine. Thanks to the massage of the head, scalp, neck and facial muscles, different ailments can be relieved, such as anxiety or even tension headaches that can cause dizziness.

Benefits of Cranio-Facial massage

Craniofacial massage reduces and may even eliminate severe headaches, migraines and migraines. By improving blood flow, the level of oxygen reaching the brain increases, which leads to deep relaxation that eliminates neck pain. Notice how the accumulated stress, the tension in the maxillary area and the psychic fatigue disappear.

In addition it also has aesthetic effects; By activating blood circulation in this area, it helps to supply nutrients to our hair, strengthening it and delaying its fall. Thanks to this massage you will improve the appearance of your skin, making it brighter, smoother and firmer, reducing bags and dark circles on your face.

How do we perform the Thai head massage?

In this massage we pay special attention to the cervicodorsal area and the shoulder girdle, two areas that can be heavily loaded on a daily basis, especially for those who remain seated for most of the day. When we maintain inadequate postures for hours, we overload our body or make sudden movements. Our masseuses will help you correct this and you will be able to fully enjoy the treatment. Experience deep release and peace with a Thai head massage at Thai Spa Massage.