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Lomi Lomi Massage

In Hawaii, “Lomi Lomi” means “massage”. Our masseuses have also specialized in this ancestral technique from the Polynesian heart, covering your entire body with the forearms and palms of the hands.

It is a firm, rhythmic and fluid massage that not only stretches and passes, but also reaches a higher level of sensitivity, because it is combined with aromatherapy and music therapy. A treatment that leads you to discover your inner peace.

The Hawaiian massage is performed on a Thai massage table and with oil. You can shower at the end of the treatment.

The influence of the seas

The Lomi Lomi Massage is mainly recommended to eliminate tension and relieve muscle contractures, but it also helps you harmonize the whole body and relax the mind and restore your energy flow. It is a very pleasant sensory experience that also restores your energy circulation in the process.

It was originally a therapy that was only passed down among Native Hawaiian families. It was created by healers in their healing treatments, but it was the “ʻōlohe lua” —masters of Hawaiian martial arts— who developed it. It was also used as a luxury, as an aid to digestion or as a restorative massage within the family. To this tradition we have added the knowledge of Thai massage, the result is an experience as exotic as it is revitalizing.

What are the benefits of the Thai Spa Massage lomi lomi massage?

This Hawaiian massage helps blood circulation and improves the immune system. In addition, it is possible to lower blood pressure and slow down the heart rate, so you feel a total state of relaxation.

Feel how the flow of energy is unblocked through the reactivation of the lymphatic system.

How do we perform the Hawaiian massage?

The Lomi Lomi massage uses an ancient technique from the Polynesian heartland. It is a firm massage in which our therapists apply pressure with their elbows and forearms, they also focus on muscle stretching, adding the combination of aromatherapy and music therapy to stimulate all the senses. When you receive this relaxing massage, you receive "Aloha", the breath of Hawaiian love and life that adds to the ancestral essence of our Thai massages.

The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is performed on a Thai massage table and with oil. At the end of the session, enjoy a refreshing shower in our facilities.