150 min €325


The secret formula of well-being to enjoy as a couple

The fusion of the four treatments of the Thai beauty ritual is one of our most exclusive treatments for you to enjoy with your partner. It is a therapy that begins with an exfoliating Body Scrub treatment, then a shower to eliminate dead skin, to continue with a massage to choose from our extensive menu, a full facial treatment and finish with a floral bath in our Jacuzzi, to enjoy 150 min as a couple.

Four Treatments: Body Scrub + Massage to choose + Facial Treatment + Jacuzzi

The treatment is carried out on two stretchers and in a special room for couples.

Four treatments: Body Scrub + Massage of your choice + Facial Treatment + Jacuzzi

The Body Scrub treatment will help you cleanse and exfoliate all of your skin. Thanks to the natural peeling you will feel your body completely detoxified, not only spiritually, but also on the outside, on the skin. After these steps, your skin is ready for a session with our best massages: choose the one that benefits you the most and feel the relaxation.

To finish with these treatments that form the secret of beauty, discover the facial treatment: a complete cleansing and hydration of the face after having eliminated all toxins, treating the renewed skin to make it look natural and smoother. Enjoy this enveloping beauty treatment and connect with inner harmony and outer beauty.

The best way to finish is by immersing yourself in the floral jacuzzi with your partner, letting the hydromassage, the temperature and the aromatic essences create an environment of rest and relaxation. Enjoy a care just for the two of you.

Benefits of peeling

The objective of the peeling is exfoliation: stimulating the cell turnover of our skin and renewing the tissues in the process. With our products imported from Thailand we manage to regenerate the epidermis, thanks to the elimination of the damaged skin layers. Feel the purity of your skin after applying a peel and enjoy the benefits of Asian natural products specific to each skin. Nourish your skin, take care of it and tone it.

Best results

Once the peeling is finished, the skin is fully prepared to soak up the benefits of the aromatic massage that follows, an experience of sensations. Choose a massage with essential aromatic oils among our Thai Spa Massage treatments. To finish, enjoy a complete cleansing and facial hydration so that the feeling of cleanliness and relaxation is absolute.

Discover the benefits of our four deluxe beauty treatments at Thai Spa Massage and enjoy them with your partner, because today is today and you deserve it.