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The master combination of reflexology and aromatherapy

This treatment begins with the Thai foot and leg massage to activate the body from its base. This reflexology therapy is completed with aromatherapy, a full body massage with essential oils. Feel how the aroma surrounds you and immerse yourself in the experience.

Double Treatment: Reflexology + Full body massage to choose

The foot and body massage is performed on a Thai massage table and with the essential oil that you like the most. You will be able to shower at the end of the treatment.

Double treatment: Reflexology + Full body massage to choose

This double treatment begins with reflexology, and is combined with the body massage that you like the most or the one that is most suitable for you. In case you don't know which one may be the best for you, our receptionist one of our masseuses advises you so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of this experience.

Thai foot massage is also known as reflexology therapy. The most sensitive reflex zones are located in the feet. His treatment makes you experience how a specific area of ​​your foot relieves you immediately in any other part of your body. It is a very pleasant sensation due to the immediate relief experienced in both areas.

The treatment continues with the Thai body massage of your choice. We complete the experience with aromatherapy, which is based on the use of natural aromatic oils, in order to awaken the sense of smell and make the experience complete.

An ideal combination

The fusion of foot and leg massage and traditional Thai massage awakens all kinds of bodily sensations: experience a sensation of well-being and rest from the feet, to the head, passing through the whole body.

The combination of foot and body massage helps you prevent diseases and is recommended for a wide range of ailments. And it is that it helps you release tension and relieve contractures, or pain, in any part of the body. Come and enjoy true wellness.

Foot reflexology benefits

Foot reflexology is a therapeutic technique that consists of stimulating the reflex points of the foot that connect with different parts of our body, massaging the feet and stimulating them indirectly. This relieves the organs and muscles of our body. The best combination is to do it with our Bali & Thai fusion massage, which combines the stretching of traditional Thai massage with the aromatherapy of Balinese massage performed with traditional Thai essential oils. A double treatment, reflexology and a full-body massage to choose from that will surely leave you as good as new. traditional Thai ending with an aromatic massage.

The Thai foot massage combined with the traditional Thai full body massage is performed on a special 100 cm wide table specially imported from Thailand and with a careful selection of aromatic oils. You can shower at the end of the treatment.

Discover the benefits of the Foot and Leg massage combined with a Traditional Thai full-body massage at Thai Spa Massage.