75 min €145


90 min €175


Experience a new level of relaxation

The four-hand massage is the most exclusive and complete of all massages in Southeast Asia. Our expert masseuses are synchronized in this ritual, coordinating the treatment received by the two hemispheres of the body. Enjoy a warm and soft synchronized attention to release tension and immerse yourself in a sensation of pleasure and total relaxation.

This four-hand therapy is performed on a Thai table and with essential oils. You can shower at the end of the treatment.

The complete care of your body

The four-hand massage activates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, eliminating toxins from our body. That is why it has such a powerful effect: it achieves twice as intense muscle relaxation and internally purifies your entire body.

The absolute coordination of the techniques of both masseurs make you have a much more intense and deep relaxation effect both physically and mentally. We recommend it especially for those who suffer from stress, insomnia or anxiety problems. It is a unique and incomparable sensory experience that differs from any other massage, a moment of absolute well-being for you.

When do we recommend the four-hand massage at Thai Spa Massage?

This massage is a much higher level of wellness, highly recommended to immediately relieve muscle or joint pain and unblock broken energy lines, especially if we suffer from stress or anxiety.

It helps the drainage of fluids, healing and improving the functioning of the body's organs. Experience a different feeling of relaxation.

How do we perform the four-hand massage?

The key to achieving immersion in a deep state of relaxation is the synchronization of our masseuses when performing the massage. At the beginning of the treatment you may want to find out which masseuse is acting on a part of your body, but after a few minutes you begin to notice a deep relaxation. Then you simply disconnect from material reality, tuning into harmony and enjoying the next move, feeling the massage. This four-handed Thai experience is performed on a Thai stretcher and with essential oils. You can choose the aroma of the most suitable oil for you and at the end of the treatment you can take a shower at the end of the treatment to leave behind all the fatigue of your body and disconnect completely.

Discover the benefits of the 4-hand massage at Thai Spa Massage.