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The renewal of your body with two treatments

We have created for you a two-step experience that leads to a complete disconnection and revitalization. The Body Scrub exfoliating treatment removes all the toxins and dead skin from your body. Afterwards, the experience continues with a relaxing shower to remove the remains and contribute to a state of relaxation that will reach its peak with the final moment of the massage. You can choose the massage that best suits you or the one that most appeals to you at that moment: Thai, Balinese, aromatic...

Double Treatment: Body Scrub Exfoliation + Massage to choose

This treatment is carried out on a stretcher and with oil. You can shower at the end of the treatment.

Double treatment: Body Scrub + Massage to choose

This double treatment is based on the preparation of the skin at an aesthetic level in order to later be able to treat it in depth for therapeutic purposes. Firstly, the body scrub with melon essence removes all the toxins from dead skin, nourishing and renewing it from the outside. Let this melon scent from our cosmetology envelop you in a sweet journey of exoticism, while it works to renew your skin and give it a natural glow.

Afterward, enjoy a relaxing shower to wash away any debris and free your skin. And to finish, immerse yourself in a massage to choose from among those we have from our extensive menu that will complete the body treatment, freeing your body and mind. An excellent remedy against negativity, which fights depression and improves the lymphatic system. Enjoy your Asian trip with all the benefits that this massage brings you: live a purifying transition towards well-being.

When do we recommend the body scrub and Thai massage treatment?

This double treatment is recommended to pamper and cleanse your physical body and release the first energy layer. It has a double effect, which completely relaxes the muscles and relieves pain from poor posture.

Our body scrub treatment combined with traditional Thai massage improves the appearance of your skin and helps you to significantly reduce stress. On the other hand, the aromatic relaxing massage, in combination with the previous body scrub treatment, promotes blood circulation. That is why we advise you to ask our masseuses which treatment is ideal for you according to your personal conditions at the time of enjoying this combined treatment.

What is massage therapy?

There are different techniques for therapeutic purposes that our Thai masseuses apply in this treatment: massage therapy is an efficient treatment for diseases and injuries, which is included among the most effective techniques of physiotherapy, although at the same time it preserves all the tradition of massage Thai, ideal to transport you to absolute relaxation.

This double body scrub treatment with a full-body massage of your choice is performed on a special table, expressly imported from Thailand, and if you decide on the aromatic relaxing massage, it is performed with essential oils. You can shower at the end of the treatment.

Discover the benefits of this treatment: the fusion of the body scrub and the Thai Spa Massage full body massage of your choice.