120 min €150


A special day at Thai Spa Massage

Enjoy our floral Jacuzzi bath and combine it with our Body Scrub or Body Wrap session and complete the experience with a 60-minute massage of your choice. This is our favorite combination treatment, and has become one of many of our customers who love Thai culture. This fusion of our three most exclusive treatments will immediately transport you to the heart of Thailand.

Three Treatments: Massage to choose + Body Scrub or Body Wrap + Floral Bath in Jacuzzi

The chosen massage is performed on a stretcher.

Three treatments: Floral bath in Jacuzzi + Scrub or Wrap + Massage to choose from

Immerse yourself in our floral Jacuzzi

The special day treatment at Thai Spa Massage is an exceptional combination for a complete hydration treatment. Our floral Jacuzzi is the best way to start this treatment. Enter the jacuzzi decorated with petals and candles and immerse yourself in a feeling of absolute relaxation thanks to the temperature of the water and its jets. In addition, the water pressure and temperature will relieve tension in your body, with an immediate effect due to the stimulation of blood circulation.

After this moment of relaxation, choose between a Body Scrub exfoliation treatment or a Body Wrap hydration. The ideal ending for this day is undoubtedly one of our massages to choose from. A day of absolute relaxation just for you, simply because you deserve it.

Revitalize your skin with the Scrub or Wrap

In this second phase, after the floral Jacuzzi, the skin is prepared for a Body Scrub or Body Wrap treatment. The first is a full body exfoliation to remove all the dead skin and toxins from our skin. By choosing the second, the Body Wrap treatment, you will benefit from its natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Our Thai masseuses use Asian treatments with natural products, taking into account the properties of each ingredient. It pampers all parts of your body's skin, moisturizing and purifying its structure, to leave it totally soft. This is a treatment that will renew you completely.

The massage of your choice

Having reached this last treatment, it is a moment to stop and breathe. Listen to your body to decide with which of our massages you want to end this experience. Our masseuses will be happy to help you in this choice if you need it, designing the perfect therapeutic journey for you in every way.

Discover in Thai Spa Massage the benefits of these three combined treatments and live a unique day.