Discover the Thai experience

Travel to Thailand thanks to our treatments

An unforgettable trip

Explore Thailand through sensations

We invite you to get to know the culture and tradition of Thailand in the center of Barcelona. Live an authentic Thai experience at the hands of our Thai masseuses, masters in the art of relaxation and heirs of the ancient techniques of body and mind care.

Let yourself be surprised by our range of treatments and enjoy well-being. Learn about the incredible effects of Sen line alignment, forget about discomfort and conquer beauty.

Discover the value of the oriental tradition and immerse yourself in a unique journey of exoticism and relaxation.

Much more than a Spa

The best professional Thai masseurs in the ideal setting for relaxation

The ideal sanctuary of well-being

We have created a meeting point between Thailand and Barcelona based on care and relaxation. Our commitment and fidelity to the tradition of Thai Massage has led us to recreate with love for detail and care for our ancient culture, the ideal atmosphere for Thai massage. Our experiences are built through touch, warmth, ancestral knowledge of the Sen paths and pampering.

The care in expert hands

The authenticity of the Thai Spa Massage experience is achieved thanks to the talent of our masseuses, all of them are Thai and masters of the oriental tradition of relaxation. Their exceptional training and their exquisite treatment guarantee unforgettable experiences.

We have created a temple where worry and stress have no place, that's why we take care of everything. We provide you with everything you need so that you can completely disconnect, from the most appropriate clothing for each treatment to what is necessary so that you can shower in your own cabin after the chosen treatment.