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We invite you to discover Thai culture and tradition in the little Thailand of Barcelona.

Live an authentic Thai experience with our Thai masseuses, masters in the art of relaxation and heirs of the ancient techniques of body and mind care.
Let yourself be surprised by our extensive range of Thai massage and body and facial treatments and enjoy your wellbeing. Discover the incredible effects of the alignment and balancing of the Sen lines, forget about discomfort and conquer peace of mind.

Discover the value of oriental tradition, be surprised by the Thai massage and immerse yourself in a unique journey of exoticism and relaxation.

Thai massage, authentic
What does it consist of?

A Thai self-care ritual, without leaving Barcelona: our Thai massage is based on the authenticity of the traditional Thai technique. This holistic approach to physical and mental well-being is characterized by its combination of stretching and pressure on different points of the body to balance your energy and free you. Unlike Western massage styles, it is performed on stretchers with bamboo slats on the ceiling that allow the masseuse to balance on your body, dressed in comfortable and flexible traditional clothing.

This practice follows the lines known as ‘Sen’, and not only stimulates and tones the body, mind and spirit, but is also indicated to reduce tension and increase vitality, applying pressure on specific points to improve the energy flow in the body.

An essential part of Thai massage is stretching, which is influenced by yoga postures. These stretches not only improve flexibility and relieve muscle tension, but they also increase range of motion. Additionally, our therapists use body manipulation techniques, using hands, elbows, knees and feet to realign and relax the body, providing a deep feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Unlike other types of massages, classic Thai massage is performed without the use of oils or lotions, allowing greater freedom of movement during the session. Additionally, particular emphasis is placed on breathing and meditation, encouraging a greater mind-body connection and promoting mental calm and stress reduction.

This massage not only focuses on relieving muscle pain and tension, but also seeks to improve circulation, increase energy and balance the body’s energy system, treating it as a whole. Due to its multiple therapeutic benefits, both physical and emotional, Thai massage is a unique experience that requires being performed by a qualified therapist, which is why at Thai Spa Massage, all our masseuses are Thai and have the best training.

Much more
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Enjoy a Thai massage with the best professional Thai masseuses, in an ideal setting for relaxation: our Thai sanctuaries in the heart of Barcelona

The sanctuary of Thai massage in Barcelona

The little Thailand of Barcelona

We have created a meeting point between Thailand and Barcelona based on care and relaxation. Our commitment and loyalty to the tradition of Thai Massage has led us to recreate, with love for detail and care for our ancient culture, the ideal atmosphere for Thai massage. Our experiences are built through touch, warmth, ancestral knowledge of the Sen paths and care of the body.

In this wellness sanctuary, we fuse the essence of Thailand with a modern and cosmopolitan touch typical of Barcelona.

Care in expert hands

The authenticity of the Thai Spa Massage experience is achieved thanks to the talent of our masseuses, all of them Thai and masters in the oriental tradition of relaxation. Their exceptional training and exquisite treatment guarantee unforgettable experiences.

We have created a temple where worry and stress have no place, that’s why we take care of everything. We provide you with everything you need so that you can completely disconnect, from the most suitable clothing for each treatment, to everything you need so that you can shower in your own cabin after your chosen treatment.