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Thailand is known for its hospitality and friendliness which is why we want to offer you special promotions and discounts every month. Live the authentic Thai experience!

Thailand, a little closer

We want to share our culture at Thai Spa Massage that's why we bring you our promotions, based on Thai tradition and culture. Designed so that you can enjoy all of our culture through Thai massage!

Take advantage of our packs and opportunities and get to know one of the most interesting cultures in Asia first-hand. We put at your disposal the millenary knowledge of Thai massage, so that you can enjoy one of the oldest treatments in the history of mankind.

A culture to discover

Thailand has always been an environment of cultural exchange, a geographical space where different civilizations were depositing layers and layers of knowledge. This union of cultures has generated its own philosophy, a unique way of seeing the world, with surprising traditions.

Did you know that smiling is the most common way to greet each other in Thailand? Or that, contrary to popular belief, chopsticks are not common at the table? We want to bring you closer to the traditions and culture of Thailand. From Songkran, the most important festival in the country where the Buddhist New Year is celebrated with a fantastic "war" of water to the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, nine days in which no meat is eaten to worship nine gods.