120 min €150


Experience a traditional rite with a floral bath in the jacuzzi

We have created a fusion of ritual treatments for you to live an exotic experience of wellness and luxury. The 120-min Thai Deluxe Ritual Treatment is an exclusive treatment that begins with a hydrotherapy session with carefully chosen aromatic oils and ends with a 90-min combination of massages to choose from our extensive menu. a traditional Thai massage.

30 min Floral Bath in Jacuzzi + 90 min of massage to choose

The massage of your choice is performed by our Thai therapists on a traditional massage table.

Thai Deluxe Ritual Treatment: Floral Jacuzzi + Thai Massage + Thai Herbal Heat or Aromatic Massage or Balinese Massage

Hydrotherapy in the floral Jacuzzi

The 120 min duration of the Thai deluxe ritual treatment makes it as exclusive as it is relaxing, ideal to enjoy quietly. The first treatment is the floral Jacuzzi: immerse yourself in a warm sensation of absolute relaxation, combined with aromatic oils to stimulate all your senses.

Thai Massage

Once you are totally relaxed, the second treatment begins, one of our star massages: the Thai massage. At this point, thanks to the muscle stretching and the application of pressure, you will be able to notice how all the tension that could remain in the muscles disappears completely.

Preparing your body so that our masseuses can take you with their hands to the next step on the path of relaxation: be it the massage with hot pindas or Thai Herbal Heat, the Aromatic Massage or the Balinese Massage.

Massage with hot pindas or Thai Herbal Heat

The hot pindas are closed cloth bags, spherical in shape and filled with a selection of the most healing plants in Asia, with anti-inflammatory, relaxing and toning properties. The pure essence of these plants impregnated in steam is absorbed by all the pores. By exerting pressure with the pindas during the massage, the natural nutrients penetrate your skin. Our pindas are ideal for relieving stiffness and pain, they must be hot to have a therapeutic effect, thus relaxing muscles and joints. The result is the harmonization of skin cells, taking you to a state of total relaxation.

Enjoy this luxurious combination in the best Thai massage center in Barcelona.