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Experience the fusion of two cultures

The Bali & Thai massage combines the best techniques of the Thai ritual with the relaxing approach of the Balinese treatment. Experience the meeting point where traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine merges with traditional Chinese medicine.

Our treatment begins with stretching that will be guided by our Thai therapists and with the application of different levels of pressure on the Sen lines of your body. With this we manage to unblock the flow of energy that runs through these paths and harmonize your body. The treatment continues with the Balinese massage with aromatic oils, thus ending up being a complete experience of deep relaxation. The Thai and Balinese massage is performed on a Thai massage table and with essential oils. You can shower at the end of the treatment.

Bali and Thai massage

The Thai & Bali massage is the perfect combination of the different varieties of traditional Thai massage and Balinese essential oil massage.

Our Thai masseuses know when it is necessary to apply stronger pressure using the hands, elbows, forearms, knees and feet on certain points of your body before beginning the aromatherapy with essential oils of the Balinese massage. In this way, the feeling of well-being rises, making you enjoy an exotic experience in a space of new sensations: immerse yourself in an atmosphere of peace and total relaxation.

Influences and therapeutic effect of Balinese massage

The most important influences on Balinese massage are traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. The traditional Balinese medicine system was known as the “Jamu”: used for its extensive healing properties towards the body. The massage and the body and aromatic sensations of the essential oils lead to complete relaxation and total well-being, a harmonious and perfect combination.

How do we perform the Bali & Thai massage?

The Bali & Thai massage is a massage in which the therapists use different levels of force and pressure, thus ensuring that the final result is relaxation and that you can notice how stress is significantly reduced. In the first phase of this massage, our Thai masseuses apply pressure with their hands, forearms and when necessary to unblock some "trigger" points, also with their knees or feet. Afterwards, the body is stimulated with massage passes that spread the aromatic oils, whose properties are very beneficial for the skin and the body.

We perform massages on a Thai massage table and with essential oils. In addition, you can take a shower after the treatment, although we recommend keeping the oil on the skin for a couple of hours. You also have the option of removing excess essential oil with eucalyptus-scented hot wipes that will leave your skin hydrated and with a pleasant smell.

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