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The Thai Massage mixed with the Balinese is the perfect combination of the different varieties of traditional Thai and Indonesian massage, taking advantage of their sources of Ayurvedic traditional medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. The massage begins with deep pressures on the Sen lines, stimulating the whole body, adding the body and olfactory sensations of the essential oils for complete relaxation and total well-being.

You reach a situation of peace and total relaxation.

The Thai and Balinese massage is carried out on a stretcher and with oil. You can shower at the end of the treatment.

Thai & Bali massage

Thai massage and Balinese massage or Pijat Bali, is the perfect combination of the different varieties of traditional oriental massage by combining the techniques of traditional Thai massage with massage with Balinese essential oils.

In Balinese massage, an ancient therapy is used for healing, which comes from the exotic island of Bali in Indonesia. It combines different relaxation and stretching techniques, applying pressure to the zen line points of the body, releasing all the accumulated tension of the day.

Benefit from the best remedy against muscle or joint pain with the best Thai massage in Barcelona.

Influences and therapeutic effect of Balinese massage

One of the most important influences of Balinese massage is traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Ayurvedic Hindu medicine. Bali's traditional system of medicine was known as "Jamu", used for its extensive healing properties towards the body. Combined with the bodily and olfactory sensations of essential oils, you will achieve complete relaxation and total well-being.

A relaxing massage to significantly reduce stress. Sometimes the knees or feet can be used, in the initial part of the massage, to massage some area with more force, achieving an important therapeutic and relaxing effect at the same time on our body. We massage on a stretcher and with essential oils, offering an optional shower at the end of the treatment, since it is advisable to keep the oil on the skin for a couple of hours.

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