The Thai Ritual Massage is the star of our treatments, the most complete of our menu. All an experience, a unique gift for our body.

The first phase of the treatment is a body peel for the complete cleaning of all parts of the skin, the second phase is carried out by a sweet hydration wrapper with our highest quality natural Asian products, which will nourish and give life to the skin.

In the third part of the treatment, aromatic massage comes, essential to activate the sense of smell and be able to wrap yourself in another world of sensations, toning our skin and freeing ourselves from daily stress. After a well-deserved rest accompanied by a tea and natural fresh fruits we go, to the next phase, to our session of hydrotherapy with natural essential oils, a gift for our deepest senses. And getting to the last phase, to feel a full treatment enjoying the facial treatment, where you can release all accumulated tensions.

Six treatments: Scrub + Wrap + Massage + Bath + Te & Fruits + Facial

Indicated for those who have time and want to enjoy a unique experience in our Spa, or simply because you deserve it. Save yourself one morning or one afternoon just for you. You only live once.