240 min €235


The best of Thai Spa Massage for you

The 240-minute Thai Ritual Massage is at the top of our treatments: it is the most complete on our menu. A 360 experience, a unique gift for our body. For you because you deserve it and because you only live once.

6 Treatments: Body Scrub + Body Wrap + massage of your choice + tea and fruit + floral Jacuzzi + Facial treatment

We think of those customers who, when considering the best options, can't decide on any of them. And for those customers who don't want to feel forced to choose. For them and for you too, we have created this pack of six experiences that will make you travel to an exotic and ancient Thailand.

The six best treatments for you: Body Scrub + Body Wrap + massage of your choice + tea & fruit + Floral Jacuzzi + Facial treatment

Body Scrub

The first treatment is the body scrub, or body peeling, which you need to exfoliate all your skin, eliminate toxins and dead skin and prepare it so that it can be treated in the following experiences.

A la carte massage

Everything is ready for the third treatment: an experience that will give you pleasure and free you from tension. Choose one of our massages according to the effect you want to achieve in this experience. Our masseuses can help you find out which massage your body needs. In this process you will have all the skin renewed and you will experience that renewal within you. Trust our masseuses: they are experts in treating Sen lines to harmonize your energy and identify the treatment you most need. This massage also tones your skin and frees you from accumulated stress.

Moment of tea and fruits

The fourth step of this relaxation path activates other senses to make it a 360 experience. This is not a treatment, but a moment of introspection to stop and think only of yourself, to feel rest and peace while having a cup of tea and a plate of fresh natural freshly cut fruits for you.

Flower Jacuzzi

In the jacuzzi you can immerse yourself in a moment of peace and tranquility, the heat and the thermal treatment will help you relax those parts of the body that had already been relaxed in the massage and will also open the pores to allow greater work of the facial treatment. In addition, this floral bath hydrotherapy session with natural essential oils is a gift for our senses.

Full face treatment

The best ending is the facial treatment, a complete cleansing and moisturizing of the face after all the toxins have been eliminated, treating the renewed skin so that it appears with a natural glow and smoother. Feel this enveloping beauty treatment and enjoy inner harmony and outer beauty.

Enjoy these six fantastic treatments, the opportunity to live a unique experience in our Spa: an unforgettable gift. Enjoy just for you at Thai Spa Massage.