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The Thai head massage for pregnant women is designed to relax the shoulder and head area, including the face, scalp and neck, a very erogenous area for pleasure and relaxation, adding a special natural oil with an aroma and a very hydrating texture for the body of the pregnant woman.

Cranio-Facial Massage

Thai head or cranial massage is performed on a stretcher and with essential oil.

Benefits of facial skull massage for pregnant women

With the facial skull massage, you can reduce stress drastically, eliminating those headaches that do not let you sleep at night, and the migraines and migraines that we can suffer throughout the day. A remedy to increase the level of oxygen in our brain, fighting mental fatigue. Break free.

The benefits of Thai cranial massage are many: it activates the blood circulation in the head, helps to a better supply of nutrients, managing to reduce hair loss. Relaxing the nervous system and eliminating cervical pain are our strengths, enjoy the ancestral facialskull treatment at the best Thai massage centre in Barcelona.

Eliminates all the tension that you have accumulated in your shoulders and neck, improves the appearance of your face and shows shiny, firm and smooth skin. The Thai Spa facial skull massage combats dark circles and facial bags.

Thai head or head massage is carried out on a stretcher and with essential oil and is ideal for any period of pregnancy.

Discover the benefits of future breast head massage at Thai Spa Massage.