90 min €95


A total experience

The most complete massage: 90 minutes to reach the deepest state of relaxation with the head and full body massage. Choose your favorite aromatic oil —remember that each one has different therapeutic properties or ask our masseur receptionist to guide you in your choice— and end this experience with a craniofacial massage so you can enjoy the healthiest of Thai culture.

Double Treatment: Full Body Massage + Head Massage

The treatment is carried out on a stretcher and with an aromatic oil of your choice

Double treatment: Full body massage + Head massage

This is one of the best treatments to relieve cervical tension caused by daily stress and poor posture. Our masseuses treat the cervicodorsal area and the shoulder girdle with firm and measured pressure, thanks to their ancient massage techniques. An experience from start to finish to achieve your absolute well-being.

Our Thai massage technique leads to a state of absolute well-being when combined with aromatic oils. Let yourself be enveloped by the aroma of wellness.

Craniofacial massage

Craniofacial massage is a treatment that relieves us of the stress caused on a daily basis. There are several factors that can cause cervical tension and this is one of the most effective treatments to reduce its effects.

And it is that our masseuses put special focus on the cervicodorsal area and the shoulder girdle, the areas that are most stressed throughout the day due to the inadequate postures we adopt, overloading ourselves with more weight than we should carry or simply injuring ourselves by sudden movements. what we do in our day to day.

A natural remedy

Through rhythmic and firm pressure, the Thai head massage relieves tension in the areas of greatest pain. This technique is an excellent completely natural remedy to combat migraine and relax the cervical area. It achieves a feeling of full well-being.

The massage is performed on a stretcher and with aromatic oil. You can take a shower in our cabins at the end of the treatment.

Discover the benefits of head and body massage at Thai Spa Massage.