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The perfect combination of treatments for lighter legs

The combined Thai foot and leg massage treatment provides you with an intense and comforting activation of blood circulation and a profound release of tension. As the feet are reflex zones, this well-being is also felt in the rest of the body.

Four Treatments: Floral Foot Bath + Srub + Wrap + Massage (all focused on feet and legs)

Discover the excellent combination of the four best treatments to take care of your feet and legs: Jacuzzi Floral Foot Bath + Scrub + Wrap + Massage (all the feet and legs treatment).

Four treatments: Floral foot bath + Scrub + Wrap + Foot and leg massage. All treatment focused on the feet and legs

It begins in the best way: the hydrotherapy treatment with our exclusive floral foot bath; first episode of a completely revitalizing treatment. The temperature of the water facilitates blood circulation and leads you to an increasingly deeper relaxation, seasoned with a floral aroma that envelops the senses.

Continue this experience with the exfoliating foot and leg massage. Our masseuses use a natural exfoliating product for this second phase of scrub. Your skin benefits from its impurity-removing properties, fully preparing you for the next wrap phase.

In the wrap treatment, our masseuses apply a draining and circulatory wrap to eliminate toxins. The therapy reaches its apotheosis with a relaxing foot and leg massage with aromatic essential oils. Pamper your skin to reduce puffiness and reshape and feel a deep sense of relaxation with this set of treatments focused on your feet and legs.

Beneficial properties of the exclusive Thai foot and leg treatment

In addition to eliminating pain or tension, they also help you with body care. This four-phase treatment for feet and legs is perfect for activating the bloodstream and reducing inflammation. In addition, it helps you release stress and tiredness from day to day, a break to completely disconnect and recharge your energy.

Fight cellulite with our legs and feet treatment

The leg and foot treatment not only relieves pain and tension: our Thai masseuses know how to adapt it so that it is also a moment of aesthetic care. This set of treatments serves as an anti-cellulite massage to combat fluid retention and accumulated fat in the buttocks and thighs. Notice how the circulation in the area immediately improves and observe the results of the toning of the skin of the treated area. It is not only a moment of relaxation but also a moment of personal care.

Discover the benefits of leg and foot treatment at Thai Spa Massage.