Give a unique experience

Give health,
give well-being,

gives Thai Spa Massage

Deliver an immersive journey in ancient Thailand

For that special someone

At Thai Spa Massage, we are dedicated to helping you select the ideal gift, providing you with personalized advice to ensure that your choice is truly perfect. We understand that every detail counts. That’s why, at our Thai sanctuary, we have perfected the art of gifting, offering options that go beyond the ordinary: our Gift Cards and Boxes.

Much more than a massage, it is an invitation to a sensory journey to the heart of Thailand, ideal to congratulate a birthday, to say “I love you”, for a special day or just because, because that person deserves it, whatever the day be. Personalize your treatment: we adapt to each occasion in the form of a Card or Gift Box, always presented in our high quality packaging.

How do I get my card or gift box?

Pick up your gift box in person

A Tangible experience
Visit us and pick up a beautiful gift box, designed to impress. Inside you will find a gift card along with a detailed brochure describing our range of treatments and massages. It’s the perfect way to present a thoughtful and personal gift.
Personalization and advice
Our team will be happy to help you choose the ideal treatment for your gift, ensuring a personalized and unique experience for that special person.

Buy it online

If you prefer the ease of shopping from home, our online option is ideal for you. Simply select the gift treatment on our website, and choose how you want to deliver it.
Digital or physical delivery
You can choose to receive the Gift Card directly to your email, or if you prefer, receive a physical Gift Box through a Glovo courier, within Barcelona City. Both options are designed to provide a memorable surprise.

For business

We know how important it is to take care of a team and that is why we have designed a special gift for companies with a discount! Offer a Thai Spa Massage experience to your co-workers, employees or clients; It is a way to thank them for their efforts, reward their courage and strengthen ties while recharging their batteries!

A gift that cannot be forgotten. At Thai Spa Massage Barcelona we help you prepare your Gift Pack completely tailored to you, adapted to the number of employees – or clients – and guiding you to find the best and most original way to deliver it. Discover an unforgettable trip for your team.

Give the gift
of well-being

Offers a unique

Combat work

How do I get my pack for company?

Contact us and we will adapt to your Gift needs, offering you what you need at the best price.

We offer you incredible options unforgettable gifts

A perfect combination for lovers of Asian culture. Give the gift of a day of flavor and relaxation with an exquisite Asian meal followed by a rejuvenating Thai Massage.

Ideal to celebrate a special moment as a couple. Enjoy the authenticity of a Thai meal and relax with a Thai massage designed for two. It is the perfect combination of romance and well-being.

For those who deserve extra pampering, our bonus card offers 10 Thai Massage sessions to choose from. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, ideal for enjoying moments of relaxation all year round.