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A trip to the well-being of Sweden

The Swedish Massage is the best known massage in the West and is the basis of many other therapies, that is why our masseuses have also been trained in this type of massage. It is a soft massage that uses different techniques: sliding, kneading and friction.

This type of massage helps you achieve balance and physical relaxation. It is a time to heal and shape your body and harmonize your mind. The Swedish massage is performed on a Thai massage table and essential oils are used. You can shower at the end of the massage.

Swedish Massage

Many define Swedish massage as the art of relaxing the body. It is a soft massage that is not only designed for you to experience relaxation, but also has great rehabilitative potential.

Swedish massage finds its origin in the Eastern concepts of anatomy and physiology, reinterpreted in the West, so our therapists use this type of massage to stimulate circulation, activate the circulatory system, release tense muscles, restore range of motion and to relieve the pain.

When do we recommend the Swedish massage at Thai Spa Massage?

This type of massage is much more than a relaxing massage, and we recommend it if you have muscle contractures or cramps, sprains or arthritis. Feel the relief in any type of muscle or joint pain.

Swedish massage is a massage that is considered healing. It is also ideal for those who want to combat retention and circulatory problems, relieving stress or fatigue accumulated from day to day.

How do we perform the Swedish massage?

Our masseuses use different essential massage oils to heat the muscle tissue and prepare your skin for the treatment: this is the technique known as “sliding”. Although it is a massage for the whole body, in which our Thai therapists will observe which areas need more attention, it is also convenient that you indicate if you feel any pain so that the masseuse can focus on relieving it. By indicating the areas that need more work, they are marked and treated using the “kneading” technique. When locating the area with tension, "vibration" will be applied, a maneuver that consists of vibrating the skin by pressing a point on the body with the heel of the hand or with the fingers moving the area up and down

In addition to the “vibration” technique, our masseuses also use “percussion” and “friction” techniques, as needed. The "percussion" technique is applied with the hands and consists of gently hitting the area to dissolve the trigger points, thus activating blood circulation and body energy. Instead, for the deeper and affected tissues, they use the “friction” movement performed with the fingers on these tissues. This massage is performed on a Thai massage table, relaxing the mind and body in the process.

Discover our Swedish massage experience at Thai Spa Massage.