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90 min €100


The Thai Herbal Massage is exclusive to achieve an extreme relaxation of mind and body. The main feature is the use of "tweezers" cloth utensil with compressed herbs inside, the pure essence of Asian plants impregnated in steam is absorbed by all the pores of the skin, thus performing a complete treatment reaching deep relaxation .

Indicated to harmonize skin cells, reaching total relaxation.

Thai herbal massage is performed on a stretcher with hot tongs.

The secret of the Pindas of Thailand

The Thai Herbal Massage is famous for the use of the Pindas : closed bags cloth, spherical in shape and filled with a selection of Asia's most healing plants. The Pindas are heated in a special container to sacra all the essence of healing plants through the fabric and reach your skin. Thanks to the Pindas the healing effect of the massage is enhanced, becoming a true health ritual. The "Luk Pra Kob" - this is how the Thai Herb massage is known - started as an ancient way of treating the body to restore it from its wounds. Now we take advantage of the medicinal properties of plants and units to the therapeutic result of massage to offer a completely replenishing experience.

Connect with health and relaxation: our best natural treatment

The pure essence of Asian plants, impregnated in steam and completely natural essential oils, is absorbed by the skin, allowing the penetration and activation of all the properties of these ancient remedies. This massage is indicated to harmonize skin cells and promote muscle repair. You will discover how little by little the pain of the most conflictive points is mitigated.

How do we perform the Thai Herb Massage ?

Our masseurs work on a special stretcher imported from Thailand and will use the Pindas to massage the fundamental points of the body. You will discover the relaxing pleasure that the treatment offers while the Pindas travel all over your body.

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