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The oriental secret of beauty

This treatment is one of our most complete rituals, ideal for renewing your body and facial beauty. Start with the massage that best suits you with a duration of 60 min. At the end you will find yourself in a state of deep relaxation ready for the next treatment, the full facial.

Double Treatment: Full body massage to choose + Facial Treatmen

The facial beauty treatment includes facial hygiene with exfoliation, hydration and facial massage; the perfect balance between care and beauty. The massage is performed on a stretcher and with essential oils if you choose a massage that includes it. You can shower at the end of the treatment.

Double treatment: Full body massage + Facial treatment

Enjoy this first part, a one-hour full body massage. You can choose the massage that you like the most from those we offer or consult with one of our expert masseuses which massage is the most suitable, and choose the best for you.

The second part is a second hour of facial treatment. The Thai face massage is a complete facial ritual, the spa for our face. Release all your tensions, feel how our therapists mold the natural expressions of the face and immerse yourself in exotic aromas with this aromatic treatment. Each natural essence has different properties. And it is that the different types of skin need different nutrients, and although each one provides a unique benefit, they all allow the sensation of enveloping well-being. In addition to the massage, this treatment includes facial hygiene with exfoliation and hydration of the skin, a perfect combination of relaxation and beauty

Benefits of facial massage

In addition to the well-being effect, you will also experience the aesthetic effects of the facial massage. Thanks to the products used by our masseuses, this ritual nourishes and protects your skin, distributing nutrients with circular and rotating movements. Thanks to the gentle pressure, the muscles of the face relax, we reduce wrinkles and improve circulation in the area. The secret of beauty is in a face that reflects peace and relaxation.

How does our facial massage work?

Facial massage tones and relieves tension in the muscles of the face, unclogging facial pores and offering natural rejuvenation. Your skin looks smoother and your face increases its brightness. It is a traditional Thai treatment, highly recommended to reduce flaccidity. Return serenity and happiness to your face.

The full body massage and facial treatment are performed on a stretcher. You can shower at the end of the session.

Discover the benefits of facial treatment and aromatic massage at Thai Spa Massage.