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Thai foot massage for pregnant women is specially designed to relieve and relax the most affected parts of the body during pregnancy, such as the legs and feet. We started it with a warm Floral Foot Bath and a gentle exfoliation. Once the blood supply is activated, we proceed to the relaxing massage to reduce the swelling and reach a complete relaxation.

Recommended after twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Double treatment: Floral Foot Bath + Foot-Leg Massage

Thai foot massage for pregnant women is done on a stretcher and with essential oil.

Benefits of Thai floral foot bath

A conventional bath relaxes us and frees us from the stress stored in our daily lives. Can you imagine how much a stimulating massage focused on the feet and legs can relax us?

With the future mom foot massage, you can discover the relaxing benefits of this ancient Thai treatment. The feet are the part of the body that we most often mistreat because of the use we give it daily. There are many types of essential oils, focused on improving circulation and fighting tired feet ... let yourself be pampered.

From Thai Spa Massage Barcelona, ​​we recommend the future mom foot massage at any period of the pregnancy. Enjoy this double floral bath and foot and leg massage treatment at the best Thai massage center in Barcelona.

Thai foot massage for pregnant women is carried out on a stretcher and with essential oils.

Discover the benefits of future breast foot massage at Thai Spa Massage.