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The Thai foot and leg massage is performed by focusing on the stimulation of different points on the feet and legs: the well-known reflex zones. These areas are very important because they are the part of the body where many nerve endings coincide.

The key to this treatment is the combination of a foot massage that relieves muscle pain and a subsequent leg massage that promotes circulation.

This massage can be performed on a Thai massage table or massage chair.

Thai foot and leg massage

The foot and leg massage is a moment of recovery. Thanks to this combination we can immediately notice its effects, relieving the pain and physical fatigue of these parts.

There are different reflex zones in the body, however, since the beginning of this technique in ancient China —more than 4,000 years ago—, the reflex zone of the foot has been worked with great care. And it is that in the feet we can find and draw, schematically, the body in its entirety. Thus we can treat any area through its reflection in the foot.

In addition, another advantage of foot massage is its extraordinary sensitivity, so the person receiving the treatment feels the relief of the reflex zone at the moment, mitigating the pain.

What are the benefits of the foot and leg massage at Thai Spa Massage?

Thai foot and leg massage promotes blood circulation, helping to remove waste substances from the bloodstream and improving the entire circulatory system.

It helps us immerse ourselves in an absolute sensation of peace and relaxation from the first moment, so we can experience how the anxiety or stress that we may harbor from day to day gradually decreases. Thanks to the foot and leg massage we can achieve a harmonious balance between body and mind.

How do we perform the Thai foot and leg massage?

At our Thai massage center, we know how important your feet are. They are the part of our body that we exercise the most and the one that supports the most weight throughout the day. In addition, it is a hypersensitive reflex zone through which we can treat the rest of the body. Thanks to the Thai foot and leg massage we manage to relieve the pain and physical fatigue of our feet and legs, while improving blood pressure.

Liberation and relaxation are the essence of this incredible treatment, indicated to eliminate discomfort and harmonize the body.

Discover the benefits of Thai foot and leg massage performed by our expert Thai masseuses at Thai Spa Massage.