50 min €50


The Thai Scrub body treatment is a specialty of our expert beauty therapists. A deep cleansing of the skin of the whole body is carried out with an exclusive melon essence product; a whole experience of a sensation of cleanliness and purity.

This treatment removes all the dead skin from all the skin of our body. The products used are natural aromatherapy products, imported directly from Asia. After the treatment, you can shower in the same cabin where you received the treatment.

Give yourself 50 minutes to pamper your body and enjoy the pleasure offered by the sensation of the touch of new skin.

Treatment: Body Peeling

The Body Scrub exfoliating treatment is performed on a stretcher. You can shower at the end of the treatment.

Benefits of Scrub Body Scrub Treatment

Thai massage together with our exfoliation techniques, favour the cellular regeneration of the skin, helping the correct circulation in our bloodstream.

With this, we achieve a much brighter, silkier and smoother skin. Healing the skin is vital and is achieved with our scrub full-body scrub treatment.

Discover our Thai massage center, we are in the heart of Barcelona. Give yourself 50 minutes to pamper your body and enjoy the pleasure that the sensation of touch offers you in this double treatment of body peeling and hydration.

Discover the benefits of the body scrub treatment at Thai Spa Massage.