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Welcome to Thai tradition in its purest essence

Thai Massage is a technique that was born more than two thousand years ago, thanks to the union between traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic knowledge.

This treatment is based on muscle stretching, the depth of its technique relieves tension in the tissues so that you can achieve a feeling of absolute well-being.

Ideal to release tension and balance the emotional state. The Thai massage is performed on a robust table, imported from Thailand. We will provide you with the appropriate clothing for the massage in our Thai massage center in Barcelona.

The legendary Thai massage, in Barcelona. Unique and exotic.

Our Thai massage focuses on in-depth work on the muscles together with the stretching of the tissues, unlocking the power of the Sen pathways: the energy lines that run through our body. In our centers you will discover the oldest tradition of Thai massage, created more than 2,000 years ago, in which our Thai therapists have been trained working in the most emblematic Asian massage centers in different parts of the world.

The region that is now known as Thailand developed one of the best massage techniques in history, becoming a pillar of traditional Asian medicine: Thai massage. This treatment is considered Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since 2019.

Balance your energies, live true harmony

This massage is indicated to harmonize skin cells and promote muscle repair. You will discover how little by little the pain of the most troublesome points is mitigated, —known as the trigger points— thanks to the pressure and stretching that our Thai masseuses perform in different parts of your body.

How do we perform the Thai massage?

Our masseuses work on a special stretcher imported from Thailand measuring 100x200 cm and raised 70 cm from the ground. In the room there are some bamboos on the ceiling so that the masseuse maintains her balance when getting on the stretcher. This allows him to be able to use his feet and legs during the massage to apply pressure to different points on your body. This treatment is also characterized by stretches similar to those of yoga and osteopathy, thanks to which our masseuses work the most important points through digitopuncture passes.

We will provide you with comfortable clothing, ideal for the movement to flow throughout the session. Thanks to this, you will not need to bring anything in particular, it is time to come and enjoy and immerse yourself in a total wellness experience at Thai Spa Massage.