The legendary, unique and exotic Thai massage. Thai massage is based on stretching and the depth of its technique, it uses pressure on the energy points in all parts of the body, in order to balance blocked energies, both in the physical, emotional and mental body, We need them to be in perfect harmony avoiding illness or imbalance.

Indicated to release tension and balance the emotional state.

Thai massage is performed on tatami. The appropriate clothing for the massage is provided by us.

The legendary Thai massage , in Barcelona . Unique and exotic.

Our Thai massage focuses on in-depth work of the muscles along with stretching of the tissues. Our technique was born more than two thousand years ago thanks to the union between traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic knowledge. The region that today is known as Thailand developed one of the best massage techniques in history, becoming a pillar of traditional Asian medicine: Thai massage .

Balance your energies, discover true harmony

The pure essence of Asian plants, impregnated in steam and completely natural essential oils, is absorbed by the skin, allowing the penetration and activation of all the properties of these ancient remedies. This massage is indicated to harmonize skin cells and promote muscle repair. You will discover how little by little the pain of the most conflictive points is mitigated.

How do we do the Thai massage ?

Our masseurs work on a special stretcher imported from Thailand of 100x200 cm raised 70 cm from the ground and will guide you through many positions very similar to those of yoga. We will provide you with comfortable clothing, ideal for movement to flow throughout the session. You will experience the result of the work on the muscles and our professionals will perform movements typical of osteopathy and will affect the most important points through passes of acupressure .

Call us, book time and enjoy the best Thai massage in Barcelona.