Benefits of Thai therapeutic massages



In our center we use massage techniques that, together with those of physiotherapy, help us restore harmony and well-being of the body, helping to prevent and deal with illnesses and injuries. These techniques form massage therapy.

We use therapeutic massage when we suffer from neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders, so through this age-old wisdom the elimination of toxins is promoted, while a more active blood circulation is achieved that improves oxygen in the tissues.

How can massage therapy help us?

There are different situations in which we can receive a therapeutic massage, such as after a long day at work, after a sports competition or when some bad news causes us a lot of stress, either due to some type of injury, to relieve discomfort or because our masseuses They have recommended it after a review of their body.

Among some of the reasons are muscle ailments or injuries -which is usually the most common-, physical recovery processes or mobility recovery after an accident. There are other cases in which massage therapy helps to eliminate fluid retention, suppress localized fat, relieve joints or gain muscle elasticity.

On the other hand, it may be advisable to correct for bad postures, traumas or stress itself, which make the user need to relieve tension through their body and thus be able to reduce their day to day fatigue.

Other situations in which it can be used are when you suffer from insomnia, you need to increase energy, fight fatigue and even to promote digestion or avoid constipation.

Discover the best therapeutic massage techniques!

There are many types of therapeutic massages, depending on the problem of each user, but our masseuses are specialized in being able to solve the problems of our visitors and restore peace and tranquility to each of the people who pass through their hands.

One ​​of them is the circulatory massage, where the masseuse uses the massage passes to improve circulation, which is carried out by giving more activity to the blood flow, to solve some problems.

Another of them is sports, with which a specific muscle area is treated, either because it is damaged or because the athlete in question seeks greater performance. In the case of treating a soccer player, mesotherapy revolves around improving the legs, while working with a tennis player will involve focusing on the arms.

On the other hand, we have aesthetic and relaxing massages. The first of them is done with the aim of improving visually, not to work on some ailment or problem. In this case, we also improve circulation in an area to correct an aesthetic defect of the user. The second tries to calm the nervous system by relaxing the muscles, in order to achieve the goal of restoring peace of mind and balance between mind and body to continue with day to day. p>

Finally, there is the stress reliever, which may be the most common of all, since regardless of work, study or what each person does, there are many occasions in which a contracture appears. The masseuse works in this situation on one or more contracted muscle groups.

Discover the benefits of therapeutic massages

Therapeutic massages have evolved from their creation to the present day, adapting to the needs of people, either to relax the client’s body and promote sleep or to eliminate ailments that have been with them for a long time and that do not allow them to carry out their working day effectively.

The benefits that can be obtained through a massage are very high, increasing more and more, but always depending on the user’s ailment. An example is the mechanical benefits, which refer to how the mechanical forces used affect the tissues in a good way. Others are physiological-hygienic, which are what a healthy person obtains, thus relieving fatigue and improving psychological well-being.

There are also preventive benefits, that is, when you detect a possible future injury or some type of problem that may arise over time. Thanks to its prevention we avoid the development of a major ailment.

Regarding therapeutic application, massages offer quite a few bodily benefits. Circulatory function is improved, including how to restore restricted mobility in unhealthy tissues, reduce pain, and restore sensory awareness. In addition, it can offer us relationship and well-being, which would help more in recovery.

The aesthetic positive effects are perhaps the least important for some people, who seek an improvement in the body or pain more than something aesthetic, but for many others it is essential. These may include removing fat deposits, returning a muscle to tone, or relaxing tiredness. As in this case, the sports benefits are beneficial to only a few people, the athletes themselves, who end up achieving an increase in their competitive capacity to achieve their goals.

Finally, we would like to share with you the benefits that can be obtained for our mind with psychological or relaxing massage. The contact that is experienced with the well-used hands of the masseuse provides a lot of security and comfort during the duration of the massage, extending for a long time afterwards. In addition, it regulates and relieves the psychophysical tension that we can accumulate, so psychological well-being is much greater.

These are practices that help many people lead their lives in a better way, such as having more energy at work, with better professional performance or having reduced their stress, achieving body or muscle benefits, improve circulation, relax muscles, restore flexibility, stimulate the nervous system or achieve psychological well-being that makes day-to-day life easier.

At Spa Thai Massage we seek that each visitor can leave with a smile on their face for having found what they were looking for in the hands of our masseurs. There is a reason Thailand is the country of smiles.

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