What is Balinese massage?



The Balinese massage aims at the total harmony of the body and mind.

The Balinese massage treatment that we offer allows you to find yourself, thanks to the balance between body and mind, and thanks to this, live your existence fully and positively. Say goodbye to stress, anxiety and daily fatigue by experiencing the Balinese massage with these characteristics that it will bring to your life.

The harmony between body and mind

Asia es un continente donde la gente ha aprendido a escuchar el cuerpo y aliviarlo mediante masajes específicos. El masaje balinés está dirigido especialmente para personas con dolores musculares, o sometidas a un estrés continuo y diario.

Our professionals combine massage in its essence with aromatic oils to massage and a pleasant atmosphere, achieving inner balance. This massage is based on the revitalization of the body and mind, recovering the positive energy that benefits the whole body. Likewise, it clears suffering from the mind and body by pressing hard on the energy points of the Sen pathways of the body.

Balinese massage does not treat specific pains, being primarily intended for relaxation and a feeling of well-being. It is especially aimed at people with muscle pain caused by injuries, sports or stress.

Balinese massage tones while you relax

Balinese massage is an ancient and traditional practice originating in Bali, Indonesia. Inspired by the harmony of three elements: water, air and fire, it represents the digestive, nervous and hormonal systems. They are vital points in which our masseurs focus on toning while the body relaxes.

Acts on the whole body

The Balinese massage that we offer in our center lasts from 60 to 90 minutes in which natural products such as essential oils are used. It is considered one of the most exotic massages, automatically transferring you to Southeast Asia. It is based on manual movements at key points of the energy pathways that pay off instantly. You will notice the results as the minutes go by. At the end of the massage, our professionals help to stretch the muscles, providing a light sensation of our body, as well as complete relaxation.

Relieves stress and fatigue

The list of benefits in this area is extensive, as it soothes both body and mind: revitalized body, renewed energy, stress and tension relief, good mood, reduction of muscle pain, complete relaxation of all the senses. The priority of our services is your well-being, the guarantee of being able to make you feel relaxed, achieving a perfect environment. It should be added that this type of massage helps to achieve total peace on a physical and mental level since it alleviates states of anxiety or depression and helps reduce sleep disorders.

Balinese massage as a natural therapy

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Balinese massage has a complementary therapeutic and aesthetic effect. Balinese massage is known as the therapeutic massage par excellence, coming from traditional Hindu Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine, also used to feel beautiful and healthy internally and externally throughout history by its inhabitants. The set of this knowledge applied with the wisdom and delicacy of our therapists achieves muscle relaxation and stimulation of the body. Thus, the state of integral harmony is reached, avoiding the excessive consumption of synthetic chemical substances that are sometimes harmful to the body.

Balinese massage achieves a moment of total relaxation that allows you to gently adapt to this positive energy and to the new sensation of well-being.

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