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The scent of wellness

The aromatic massage provides the relaxation of the massage together with the therapeutic properties of the aromatic oils. This treatment promotes blood circulation and oxygenates your entire body. Live a state of absolute relaxation from the first moment.

The aromatic massage is performed on our beds imported from Thailand and with our aromatic essential oils, which nourish your skin and relax your muscles. You can take a shower at the end of the treatment, although we advise you to keep the oil on your skin for a couple of hours so that its effects reach the depths of your skin

The benefits of aromatic essential oils

Our masseuses use aromatic essential oils. Choose according to its properties or the aroma that you like the most: lemongrass, lavender, jasmine, orange or eucalyptus. Your masseuse will advise you to choose the aromatic oil that is best suited to your treatment, because each oil has different properties.

The properties of our aromatic oils are therapeutic. Some, like lavender oil, relieve muscle pain. They can also be purifying, refreshing, like orange oil, and antibacterial like eucalyptus. Others, such as lemongrass oil, are antiseptic and firming, among other properties, but also act as a relaxant for the nervous system. There are benefits that go beyond therapeutic. Jasmine, which has more aesthetic purposes such as giving the skin greater elasticity, softening stretch marks and acting as a healing agent. Oils are an incredible source of benefits. It is time to feel how calm and the aroma of well-being surround you. Take a deep breath and enjoy the peace.

Why choose aromatic massage?

The Thai aromatic massage is softer than the Balinese massage. Its movements cause the superficial part of the skin to increase in temperature due to the improvement in circulation, thus activating blood flow more quickly. This is the way in which our masseuses manage to work contractures and different stressed areas more effectively. Enjoy this more fluid massage thanks to the essential aromatic oils.

How do we perform the aromatic massage?

It is a more sensitive method of massage and with a continuous movement. This movement flows more easily thanks to the aromatic oils that coat the skin. In the same way that the circulation is reactivated during the massage, the lymphatic system is also activated: the elimination of toxins is faster and the therapeutic properties of the oil are absorbed by the skin. Feel the immediate effect of balance, harmony and relaxation with this treatment.

Discover the benefits of aromatic massage at Thai Spa Massage.