Facial treatment


Facial treatment


Take care of your inner peace and outer beauty

The facial treatments consist of six phases: cleansing, toning, facial massage, detox, peeling and moisturising. In addition, the products are of natural origin, of excellent quality and a brand of recognised prestige.

Treatment for every skin type
Normal/dry skin
Combination/oily skin
Personalised treatment

Special treatment for Men

Mature skin treatment

Strengthen the radiance of your face

Facial treatments are not only to take care of the beauty and elasticity of your skin, they are also a fundamental remedy that allows you to enter a state of relaxation and disconnect from your routine.

The facial treatment consists of six steps: cleansing, toning, facial massage, detox, peeling and moisturising. The massage not only focuses on the face, but also on the head and shoulder area, which is where all the cervical tension caused by the stress of our daily lives is concentrated. The facial treatment has so many benefits that it is not only considered a beauty treatment, it is an experience in which you can change your inner and outer expression.

Benefits of facial treatments

It noticeably improves the shine of the skin, increasing the elasticity and resistance of our epidermis. The products are of natural origin and of excellent quality. Change your outer and inner expression and live a regenerating experience.

Take care of your body and mind

The facial treatment is a variety of treatments to choose from depending on the skin type and needs of each person.

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