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The Thai secret to perfect skin? An ancient fusion: skin care as a ritual, facial massages and the best natural cosmetic products

The cult of beauty and skin health is an identity bias in Thailand. Its most precious secrets have evolved little by little over the last thousand years, shared among Asian women to stay young and delicate. Skin, hair and nail care has been elevated to the category of art. And you too can enjoy these wellness traditions, pampering your skin with us!

Thai beauty resides in well-groomed skin

You only need to turn on the television or flick through a Thai magazine to notice that skin whitening is all the rage in Thailand. There being a tan is never associated with beauty, power or wealth. Contrary to what happens in western countries!

Asians are more prone to tanning due to excess production of melanin, the pigment responsible for coloring the skin, hair and eyes. Its main role is pigmentary protection against radiation and UV rays. For this reason, Asians are also less concerned about skin cancer. Normally, age causes hyperpigmentation, dark spots or an irregular skin surface due to the presence of wrinkles; Thais take even more care of their skin when it comes to protecting it from the sun and start at a young age with skin whitening treatments.

At Thai Spa Massage we have specialists in skin care, performing the beauty treatments necessary to obtain a healthy appearance through the use of essential oils with aromatic herbs, as the essential requirement to maintain the category of the best Thai massage center of Barcelona, ​​is to have the healthiest and most effective natural products.

Cult of beauty and health of the skin and body

Thai treatments bring great serenity to the routine, as well as benefits for the body. The cult of beauty and health of the skin come from ancient methods in which creams and essential oils are used that hydrate the whole body. Not forgetting the nails!

You can connect with your inner self through the skin. Our masseuses know how to transmit the most pleasant and relaxing sensations by covering the skin with the most exquisite combination of essential oils and aromatic herbs, achieving a deep and comforting hydration.

The facial and body beauty treatments achieve a body hydration wrap that will transport you with its natural essences towards the most absolute relaxation. Likewise, a deep hydration treatment of the skin is achieved, by reaching the precise temperature of Thai cosmetics along with its gentle application. This is achieved by opening the pores of the skin, achieving their cleaning and giving way to absorb all the benefits of our Asian recipes.

Facial and body beauty treatments in our center

Our therapists are specialized in facial and body skin beauty treatments, always using the methods of Eastern doctrine, accompanied by exceptional natural products, an exotic combination that will undoubtedly improve the health of your skin, making you feel younger in each session with our professionals.

Facial beauty treatments

Depending on the requirements of each skin, the facial massage to choose will vary. The composition of the facial massage is common, consisting of three phases: hygiene, hydration and massage, including the cranial area and shoulders.

The improvement is noticeable from the first treatment, since by increasing the elasticity and resistance of our skin, it presents a healthy appearance, with fewer impurities. The Thai facial massage experience can be lived through three different options:

1. Treatment for each type of skin:

Renew Rose Radiance (normal / dry skin)

Balance Deep Cleaning (combination / oily skin)

Aromatherapy Prescription (personalized)

2. Special treatment for men: Balance Men’s Skin Refining

3. Treatment for mature skin: Renew Rose Anti Age

Body beauty treatments

1. Tratamiento para cada tipo de piel:

Renew Rose Radiance (piel normal/seca)

Balance Deep Cleaning (piel mixta/grasa)

Aromatherapy Prescription (personalizado)

2. Tratamiento especial para hombre: Balance Men’s Skin Refining

3. Tratamiento para pieles maduras: Renew Rose Anti Age

Tratamientos de belleza corporales

  • Body Scrub: Body Scrub: Body Scrub is what Thai body massage is called. Starting with a deep cleaning of the skin of your body until reaching the most absolute sensation of cleanliness constitutes one of the specialties of our therapists. The next step in this massage is the application of essential oils that hydrate your body.
  • Tratamiento Body Scrub + Body Wrap: Tratamiento Body Scrub + Body Wrap: Initially, an exfoliating treatment is applied all over the body, followed by an intense hydrating Body Wrap treatment. This type of treatment consists of a deep hydration massage with the oldest Asian recipes. The pores of your skin will open up through exfoliation to end up noticing the hydration that will leave your entire body soft and shiny.

In both treatments you will enjoy an exotic environment that will automatically transport you to Thailand from the stretcher of our facilities. At the end, you can always shower before returning home in our hydromassage showers.

The key to harmony: Natural products that care for and protect

Ancestral Asian cosmetics stands out for the use of natural products whose base always resides in essential oils with aromatic herbs, being an essential requirement not to use synthetic articles of industrialized production; in this way the category of the best Thai massage center in Barcelona is maintained.

The products used are of Ayurvedic origin, medicinally imported from Asia.

It is very important that the type of herbs used are adapted to the characteristics of each client, always offering an individualized treatment that obtains impeccable results and improves the health of the skin.

Discover the most precious beauty secrets

In our massage center we promote skin cell regeneration, combining massages with natural cosmetics to provide correct blood circulation. We develop the most precious beauty secrets in Thailand so that you can eliminate from your shelves those expensive and useless cosmetic products, totally synthetic and sometimes even harmful, that do not meet the requirements offered.

You will see the results immediately, your skin will look shiny, silky and smooth. Healing the skin is essential so treat yourself to health, pampering your body and enjoying the sensation at Thai Spa Massage.

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