The pinda massage: Everything you need to know about pindas, its composition

“Pinda massage” is very popular among Ayurvedic massages for relaxing treatments. Thai Spa Massage has developed the ideal treatment with pindas: closed cloth bags, with a spherical shape and filled with healing herbs from Asia.

Pindas massage comes from oriental medicine and Ayurveda. Pindas are made up of a natural preparation of aromatic and medicinal herbs that are wrapped in a bag-shaped cloth, made by hand, and mixed with essential oils, which are heated by steam. These are applied to the body to enhance its soothing, hydrating, and detoxifying properties.

Origin of pinda massage

Originating from oriental and Ayurvedic medicine, pindas are a natural preparation of aromatic and medicinal herbs. Ayurveda medicine is the traditional medicine of India, whose objective is the unification of body-mind and spirit, proclaims that disease and health come from the confluence of the three doshas or main aspects of existence.

Known as “Luk Pra Kob”, this Ayurveda massage treatment began as an age-old technique of treating the body, healing it of wounds. Nowadays, it has been perfected to combine it with the medicinal properties of the herbs for pindas that compose it and offer truly replenishing moments.

What is pinda massage?

The function of pindas massage is to balance mind, body and soul through movement in relaxing massages, combining the therapeutic power of herbal medicine and aromatherapy. With the pidas pressure is exerted on the body, activating the chakras at an energetic and physical level. Lymphatic drainage stimulates circulation, creating a state of full relaxation. This massage is specially created for rheumatic problems. Likewise, it achieves an efficiency in blood and lymphatic circulation and metabolism, favoring the functioning of the body and relieving muscle tension.

What are pindas really and what are they made of?

The production of the pindas, the protagonists of this treatment, consists of making homemade natural fabric bags, which can be made of cotton or linen. These bags are filled with aromatic herbs and rice, which depending on the type of plants, can produce certain effects or others, customizing the massage according to the requirements and needs of each person. However, they have common benefits such as their moisturizing and purifying effect, detoxifying each pore of the skin, achieving deep relaxation of the muscles, stimulating blood circulation until achieving the most total and absolute relaxation in terms of body, mind and soul.

Later, after choosing the combination of medicinal herbs and using a specialized container, the rice pindas are heated, obtaining the essence of the healing plants with evaporation, to achieve that their properties emanate through the tissue and can reach your skin.

Development of massage with pindas

Our facilities have special tables imported from Thailand, specially designed to facilitate the work of therapists, massaging the fundamental points of the body. In addition to the benefits of the essences of medicinal plants, the technique of the masseurs achieve a purification and detoxification of the skin through their movements.

The body and its sore joints and muscles are vigorously massaged with the warm pindas, draining toxins, relieving pain and tension in the affected areas. It is totally excellent for localized or generalized back pain, neck stiffness or shoulder problems due to routine stress, being the perfect anti-stress massage.

The toxins from the pores are eliminated by the movements of the rice pindas through the skin, they manage to drain the epidermis tissue and consequently, this treatment combats the retention of liquids. The massage can last 60 or 90 minutes in which the cells of your skin will be harmonized, achieving total relaxation.

Aromatherapy massage with pindas

When performing the massage with pindas, many benefits are achieved, both in terms of relaxation from the massage itself, and due to the properties of the composition of the pinda. This massage is especially effective in inducing physical and spiritual harmony, increasing resistance to diseases and giving the skin a natural health.

It provides benefits in body relaxation, even endowing it with greater muscle flexibility. By removing toxins from the body and keeping the skin elastic and toned, it provides hydration to the skin. In addition, it helps in cases of rheumatic diseases due to its great anti-inflammatory effect.

This massage with natural plants, which uses the knowledge of ancestral medicine, has remarkable benefits due to the natural relaxation produced by the aromatherapy essence, among them the relief of menstrual pain or the help it supposes to overcome insomnia and combat stress, being also effective against cases of migraines by the natural relaxation of the essence. A totally natural and healthy remedy against various ailments and bad daily habits that we only know how to solve through chemical substances.

The massage is also indicated for athletes or people with muscle or tendon problems, as it provides a huge distension of the muscles. You can even opt for the weekly pinda massage treatment to notice its effect. It has also been shown to be an effective cure for poliomyelitis and pseudo muscular hypertrophy.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is a change and improvement of beauty, by achieving the drainage of the skin, freeing it from fluid retention, it accelerates the metabolism, so you will lose weight and feel a greater feeling of lightness and relaxation. Your skin will feel brighter and smoother due to the release of toxins and impurities in the skin. The effects are noticeable immediately.

This is how you think of pinda massage. At Thai Spa Massage we take advantage of the medicinal properties of plants and combine them with the therapeutic result of the massage to offer a completely replenishing experience, do not hesitate to contact us and free your body and mind from everything harmful.

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