FC Barcelona and massages in August



Next August 15 a new edition of the Joan Gamper Trophy will take place, the summer match that is used to being the presentation of FC Barcelona to its fans at the start of each season strong>. This year the rival will be Boca Juniors, a team from Buenos Aires, which has previously participated in this event.

Undoubtedly, the fact that it is a friendly match takes away some of its excitement, but at the same time it offers the chance to enjoy football in a festive atmosphere and with the desire to see how the new signings and the usual stars perform. That is why it is the perfect occasion to hire the services of one of our Thai masseuses, who will put the icing on the cake to an unforgettable day.

Much more than Leo Messi

Although the Argentinian is the great star of the Barça club, there are many more incentives to approach the Camp Nou. The signings of Arthur and Malcom seem hopeful and we have not yet seen the full potential of two stars who arrived last season, Coutinho and Dembelé. If we add to all these some classics from the team like Piqué or Busquets, the show is guaranteed. Although watching a game on television also has its advantages, there is nothing like live football. Release all the adrenaline you have inside and end the party by going to our center to end up completely relaxed.

Our therapists will transport you from the noise of the football stadium to the tranquility of the massage center. The East is our inspiration and we are faithful to the Thai tradition, so the treatments will make you feel in the heart of Thailand. Not only are the therapists from there, but we take care of every last detail so that the environment replicates that of those lands and the benefits derived from a good Thai massage are maximized.

Soccer fans usually take advantage of any game to release all the tension accumulated during the week, but the truth is that there are other ways to release those physical or mental loads. Often, they accumulate in specific areas of our body and manipulation by a professional therapist is necessary to release those points of tension. Although you can also resort to medication, the absence of side effects makes our natural treatments much more recommendable and effective, so do not hesitate to visit our premises in the heart of Barcelona.

Don’t wait for the League and Champions League matches to arrive to enjoy Barça at its best. Traditionally, the results are usually good and the crowd is having fun, so go ahead and top it all off with a visit to Thai Spa Massage, where we’ll pamper you like a soccer star.

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