The effect of massage oil on the skin



By applying oil in the massage we increase its benefits on the skin and we discover new ways to take care of our body. Let’s discover them!

Thai massages have multiple benefits thanks to their traditional technique. If we add to this the positive effects of natural oils – possessing a multitude of benefits on the skin and the body – we see how each session provides elasticity to the skin, hydrates, repairs stretch marks and smoothes unsightly wrinkles. On the other hand the oil nourishes in depth, providing vitamins and antioxidants… Today we bring you the most important factors that will help you to know the effect of the oil in our massages!
The stress of a day in the city has a very negative influence on our physical condition and emotional state. Synthetic and cosmetic substances are commonly used for the relief of muscle contractions and to improve the physical appearance. But in Thai massages we combine the technique of ancient massages with the healing properties of aromatherapy and phytotherapy from essential oils, offering a less aggressive remedy for those health problems.

Discover a new feeling of lightness

The use of hot oil – an incredibly pleasurable sensation – combined with the glides and pressures of passes in key points of the body in a rhythmic way, makes you feel more relaxed and light than ever. After an oil massage, an improvement in blood circulation and nervous system is experienced, relieving the feeling of heaviness at the end of the day.

Nourishes skin and muscle tissue

The components extracted in the oil are cell renewers and also protect against external factors such as cold or solar radiation. The type of oil used in our massages helps retain moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated, toned and soft. These moisturizing properties of the oil have been shown to work effectively preventing stretch marks.

The most natural rejuvenation

The oil of Thai massages, due to its antioxidant properties, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, in addition to reinforcing the natural collagen of the skin, causing those that already exist to be reduced or disappear. It should also be noted that the moisturizing effect of the oil achieves better cell regeneration and greater firmness.

Freshness on your skin

Hydration is important after sun exposure or the winter cold in the city. Our massage oils hydrate the skin, cooling considerably after long hours under the harmful effect of sunlight and wind.

The use of essential oil in massages is as important as trusting in the hands of the best experts who know its properties and techniques. We invite you to try our services to check it and improve your well-being!

By applying oil in the massage we increase its benefits on the skin and we discover new ways to take care of our body. Let’s discover them!

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