We are Top Rated 2022 by Treatwell!



We have won the Top Rated award again. Thank you for distinguishing us for the fourth year, and this time also to our new center!

The ‘Top Rated’ is back! We are very happy to celebrate the return of these Treatwell awards, which since 2017 have distinguished and recognized the work of beauty centers that make a difference.

A year ago we OPENED our second center in Alura, and we have already achieved the “Top Rated” rating awarded by the prestigious Treatwell reservation program.

With the “Top Rated” award, Treatwell allows clients to become the jury of a contest in which reviews measure the value of each center. So, becoming a Treatwell ‘Top Rated’ Salon is entirely up to you! Everyone deserves extra recognition for working hard. That’s why Treatwell lets all clients know which salons have taken the “Top Rated” crown.

And, just like the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine that carry Qi or Chi energy, the ‘energy lines’ of Thai Medicine, known as Sen, they travel through the entire body through specific points, which end in the feet and hands. The school of thought founded by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha believes that the obstruction of this energy flow is the cause of discomfort or disease in a person, and although it is believed that Thai Massage techniques stimulate and open these channels, thanks to the properties of essential oils and aromas, we can obtain all the benefits of plants and harmonize the SEN lines.

Why are reviews so important to us?

When we go into the task of finding the best salon for a moment of relaxation, or the best hairdresser, we all want to know the experiences of other clients before deciding and thus bet on the best option. A good review drives us to improve.

What is the criteria to get this award? Well, you have to meet some really demanding requirements, since it is an international distinction that Treatwell uses to promote talent on its platform.

To get this award you have to maintain an average of five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ in 95% of your reviews. An achievement that can only be achieved with excellence as a compass on a day-to-day basis!

And your reviews are essential to us, so we want to show our gratitude by highlighting some of the reviews that have had the most impact.

Una distinción que nos llena de orgullo

Treatwell premia con mayor visibilidad a los centros con el premio “Top Rated”, además de un exclusivo pack con una Carta Certificado de ‘Top Rated’, una pegatina de ‘Top Rated’ para el escaparate con código QR y una pegatina para espejo con código QR y la Insignia “Top Rated” para el local. Nosotros guardamos todos estos galardones como muestra de nuestro compromiso con la calidad y son un verdadero símbolo de orgullo.

Our values: keys to maintaining exceptional service


We take care of each sphere of our services, always looking for the best quality, in each treatment and in each ingredient, in order to satisfy the needs with the highest standards. Thanks to this passion for quality, our reviews remain at five stars.


The total comfort of clients is one of the values ​​that have accompanied us every day, in every service, paying attention to every detail in the sessions, taking care of body and mind at every moment, recovering the necessary well-being after intense days or stressful routines. Taking care of our clients in our Thai wellness sanctuary is more than a priority; comfort is the basis of all the value that sets us apart.


All our massagers, techniques, beds and ingredients come exclusively from Thailand. Our mission is to unite the culture of massage in Thailand together with the value of natural therapies and hydrotherapy, and here the value of the authentic is inalienable for us.

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