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We have created a sanctuary of relaxation and well-being in the most exciting heart of Barcelona, ​​uniting the ancient wisdom of Thai treatments with all the peace of the thermal baths.

Barcelona is rhythm, passion, frenzy and development. We live in the fifth European city that captures the most implantations of technology companies, according to data from the consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield. Three cocktail bars in Barcelona are among the 10 best in the world. So far this year, the city has registered 5.4 million tourists. A city with such a hectic lifestyle needed a space designed to defuse stress, reduce anxiety and immerse us in relaxation. Now you can relax in Barcelona, living a genuine Thai experience with thermal treatment.

That is why, in the most vibrant center of Barcelona, ​​you can find our true Thai sanctuary, which fuses the ancestral Asian therapeutic legacy with rest and the relaxation of the water. Immersing ourselves in hot water together with the dance of the bubble massage, makes our body secrete more endorphins and, with them, increases the experience of tranquility and peace, reducing the impact of cortisol —the stress hormone—.

Our space is designed following the principles of the wisdom of ancient Siam. The ancestors of Thailand knew perfectly well how important the cult of the body was and how its care had a direct and positive impact on the Sen paths —the lines that regulate our energy. That was his philosophy, and we have built a wellness and anti-stress space, following his teachings.

A spring of tranquility

We wanted to join the care and peace of the thermal treatment to our invigorating Asian rituals to generate a strong contrast, designed to bring the body to its highest state of harmony. We knew that, after a Thai massage, disconnecting and enjoying the soft play of water would create a totally comforting experience, so we added thermal rooms with a private Jacuzzi to our facilities. Floral baths, fruits, chocolates, floating fabrics and the romantic power of champagne combine perfectly to create an experience that is as stimulating as it is pleasant in our Spa.

Our jacuzzis are designed for two people. More than 120 centimeters wide and 90 centimeters long, they contain the perfect setting for relaxation. Thanks to its hydrotherapy system, the nozzles spread over its entire surface emit jets of water and air bubbles that massage the body. The steam, the delicate aromas and the liberation of the massage build a symphony of well-being.

The perfect hydromassage is achieved by positioning the body so that it receives the jets of water from the Jacuzzi in different parts. When these water jets are at their maximum intensity, the massage is so intense that it unblocks the tissues, relieves tension and promotes recovery from injuries. Other highly punished body parts that can benefit from a bath in the Jacuzzi are the feet. The pressurized water jets allow a form of foot reflexology. It is much more than a pleasant experience: it helps you achieve a general feeling of rest thanks to the relief in the innumerable nerve endings of the feet.

Fruits and flowers: a journey to exoticism

We take care of every last detail. Worshiping your body with our Spa experiences gives you an opportunity to recognize the effect of the Thai massage, remembering the passes through its effect on the body while you disconnect in the water. As our inner well-being also depends on the little things, we pamper our thermal experiences so that this spa getaway is unforgettable, just like in Thailand.

Following the tradition of Thai hospitality, we give our users fruit trays, decorate the room with animal figurines made from towels and bring cava. The sweetness of seasonal fruits gives the palate a new sensory dimension under our floating fabrics, a legacy of the ancient sanctuaries of Thailand, sensations that are synchronized to offer you all the benefits of water therapies.

Flowers are synonymous with ritual. We accompany our hydrotherapy treatments with rose petals, which give the water its properties and offer its aroma to the steam, creating an atmosphere that is as romantic as it is comforting. Thanks to all this fusion of experiences, flavours, smells and textures, we manage to improve circulation, eliminate toxins, release stress, clear the respiratory tract, and leave a prettier and softer skin.

The benefits of hot water and hydromassage

Hot water has fascinating properties: it can inspire us, release endorphins, relax our body or make us disconnect. A hot bath helps burn as many calories as nearly an hour of walking, with an average of 140 calories. The latest research has detected changes in the inflammatory response: passive heat from hot water baths reduces chronic inflammation, which occurs in diseases such as type 2 diabetes or Alzheimer’s, among others.

Special for couples

Our Jacuzzi rooms are the ideal setting to come with your partner, where you will enjoy a romantic and therapeutic spa session for two. It’s a perfect gift, a stress solution, and a fantastic occasion to celebrate your bond and relax.

Deliver an immersive journey into ancient Thailand! with our gift experiences and surprise with an innovative and exclusive plan!

Are you ready to come visit us? Discover all our treatments in Barcelona and experience our most Spa facet.

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