Is oriental massage recommended for pregnant women?



Pregnancy is one of the most special moments for a woman, creating life is magical, but, although it seems that the future mother is wrapped in illusion and even a special aura, the reality is that It is a very hard work for the body, this to create life.

Therefore, as the pregnancy progresses, the body becomes overloaded, so massages for pregnant women are the most recommended help, otherwise all that load will remain in the woman’s body, even after the baby is born.
During pregnancy, as soon as the belly begins to grow, the mother’s center of gravity changes and this implies an overload in the lumbar area that supports the weight of the growing uterus and its small new inhabitant , this is what invites pregnant women to perform the classic posture of holding the kidneys.

Thai massage during pregnancy

Massages, in addition to helping to relieve tension and eliminate back and cervical contractures, also serve to improve blood circulation that probably will not go through its best stage during pregnancy, < strong>it will help to deflate the ankles and legs that will accumulate more fluids than normal and that may also be more sensitive to suffer ramps and jerks, likewise with a massage the expectant mother will also be able to feel a general relief from fatigue and discomfort of the pregnancy.

Many future mothers believe that a massage can be harmful to their baby, but nothing is further from the truth. Going to a specialized center where they have the appropriate considerations and precautions. In some massage centers, they may prefer to wait until after the first trimester because it is when the pregnancy is considered established, but, in any case, it depends on the professional. The reality is that an oriental massage for pregnant women is not without risk for the baby or the mother. But it is highly recommended.

In the case of pregnant women, the intensity of the massage will always be soft, being able to massage practically any part of the body. The ideal position to receive the massages while pregnant is on the side or on the back, for the comfort of the pregnant woman, if she is at an early stage and still does not have a belly, they can even be received upside down.

During pregnancy, a classic concern of pregnant women is what kind of cosmetics can be applied or not, but for pregnant massages only natural oils are used that are not they have chemical substances and do not pose any risk to the baby, such as sweet almonds, it could even be done without any oil if the mother so wishes.

Of all the kinds of oriental massages that exist, the most recommended for future mothers are Thai Oil and shiatsu massage. The Thai Oil massage is very relaxing and the shiatsu massage tries to press certain acupuncture points of the body and is given on cotton clothing.

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