Learning to live with anxiety



We can consider anxiety as the great villain of modern cultures, and that is why we tell you the little tricks to cope better.

Preparing children for school, answering emails, looking for the perfect gift for the birthday that is approaching against the clock, a lot of work and a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. And suddenly, you notice that you are short of air, that you cannot breathe, your limbs tingle and you expect the worst. No, it is not a heart attack, nor are you dying, it is an anxiety attack, you have to stop in your tracks. The day to day can overwhelm us and it is completely understandable, we do not have superpowers. However, we can use stress and anxiety, although not as something positive, as something that can help us create healthy patterns, transmuting nothing by gold in the purest alchemical style, taking lemonade out of the lemon.

More than 264 million people suffer from anxiety in the world. In Spain, specifically, 6.7% of the population, about 3,000,000 people. This percentage reflects people over 15 years of age, who have been properly diagnosed with an anxiety disorder – along with the same percentage of depressed people. This makes the number of people for each social security psychologist in the Spanish state, equally devastating and unsustainable, with 100,000 inhabitants for every 6 psychologists, 16,000 for each professional.

There is a lot of talk about anxiety, but who is she?

Meditation is a very ancient mechanism that helps us build a calmer and more serene state of consciousness.

«Anxiety», according to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy of the Language):

“1. F. State of agitation, restlessness or distress of the mind »

or to be more exact:

“2. F. Med. Anguish that usually accompanies many illnesses, in particular certain neuroses, and that does not allow calm to the sick ».

It is the feeling of constant fear or unease. Among its many physical manifestations are sweating, tension and palpitations. For many people, this incessant feeling can go to the extreme, as without its early detection and without any calming maneuver, it can cause what is commonly known as an “anxiety attack.”

At Thai Spa Massage we tell you how to prevent high levels of stress from turning into anxiety and this anxiety from turning into a general disorder. But first, we must remind you that if your mental state is unsustainable, going to a specialist doctor is the first step that has to be followed to get out of the loop and start an anti-anxiety treatment.

¿How can we prevent anxiety?

Chiang Mai Province was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom after its founding in 1296, during the same time period that the Sukhothai Kingdom was established.

Meditation is a highly recognized technique for its relationship with improving mental health and physical balance in the Asian continent. From east to west and north to south, most of your civilizations have some variety of meditation, as old as man. It is recognized by the scientific community that meditation has advantages on a physical level, such as the regulation of the nervous system and the circulatory system.

For those with mild to moderate anxiety, a single meditation session can greatly benefit your mind, calming it down and making anxiety symptoms disappear completely, and furthermore, there is an explanation: stress helps produce large amounts of cortisol in the blood – a hormone that helps us to be alert -, making total relaxation of the body extremely difficult. Meditation and other variants, such as yoga or mindfulness, help to stop producing this substance in large quantities, relaxing us and reducing our anxiety and stress.

Thai TIP!

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In addition, meditation helps us to be in the present and now, and improves our attention span and our concentration, as well as our memory. The ideal to start putting it into practice is to start with 5 minutes and gradually increase until a habit is made. It will be very beneficial and will help calm our anxiety.

The best way to let off steam, sports

Going for a run not only helps us through physical activity, it also allows us to disconnect in nature or in the park and receive sunlight.

Another key to successfully dealing with anxiety is in physical exercise. And it is that, practicing an activity is as beneficial to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle as maintaining the healthiest diet you can imagine, or the simple action of consuming water instead of ultra-sugary drinks. The effects that a basic but useful exercise routine has on our body exceeds physical well-being, because our mental health is also greatly benefited by this great habit.

Playing a sport improves your nervous and cardiovascular system, and also improves the immune system. It also helps generate substances that improve mood on a chemical level. Generating endorphins, and more of the hormone of happiness – serotonin – will be easier and easier for your body and the imbalances – such as the high production of cortisol – that can cause anxiety and stress, will be reduced by themselves.

But that is not here. The mind also benefits greatly from a good session in the gym. Mainly, feeling fulfilled by the physical exercise that we have carried out improves our self-esteem and gives us a feeling of fulfillment that helps us in our relationship with ourselves. Likewise, practicing some sport makes our sleep quality better, a very important factor for our well-being, such as to calm anxiety.

Did you know that…?

En In Corruption in Bangkok or Bangkok Breaking – a Thai Netflix series – a man struggles to earn a living and enters an emergency rescue service to unravel a conspiracy.

According to an article published in Hola! Magazine, the series can help you control and reduce anxiety levels on a day-to-day basis. Just 10 minutes of a chapter in the fashion series can help you exponentially in this problem. For this reason, from Thai Spa Massage we recommend the series of the moment in Thailand. Fancy a police series? “Corruption in Bangkok” is your answer. Are you more in the mood for a romantic series? So, the best thing is that you take a look at the recently released “I need love.” And if you want to enter the trendiest society in Thailand, “Bangkok Love Stories” will help you discover what is in fashion.

A moment of relaxation

Of course, the last position – but not least – is for massages. Among all the great benefits they have, stress reduction and relaxation is the effect that those who undergo a massage notice immediately. It is a very satisfying habit both in the long and short term. It improves the lymphatic system and circulation, but it also helps with fluid retention, for example. In short, massages apart from having the ability to alleviate a physical ailment, help to maintain balance in some issues, which may not be so obvious a priori. Massages help relax the sympathetic nervous system that is activated when our body is subjected to high levels of anxiety, and can produce physiological changes such as muscle tension.

It is convenient that before enjoying a massage, you consult its wide variety of styles, but, in our opinion, Thai massage is the best! In addition, as an extra point, Thai massage is considered a type of yoga for couples – between the masseuse and the patient – so, the three main remedies that can help you reduce your anxiety are applied; meditation, sports, and massage.

So if you are wondering how to combat anxiety and reduce stress, pay us a visit. We assure you to live an immersive and relaxing experience that will make you feel better, mentally and physically. Contact us! We will advise you and answer all the questions you have.

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