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Do you go crazy for your partner and this Valentine’s Day you want to show him through a slightly different detail? Always keep in mind that original gifts are always the ones that are most remembered.

Discover the most original and surprising Valentine’s gifts. Give life and health. Give relaxation and well-being. Give a unique experience. And take advantage of the 15% discount that Thai Spa Massage offers you in all its body or facial treatments and massages with the code SANVALENTIN21
February 14th is approaching and you don’t know what to give your loved one, you want to mark the occasion, but conventional gifts already seem boring. Forget bland classics like perfumes, boxes of chocolates, stuffed animals, flowers or clothes, which are so impersonal. The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day exists and we offer it to you at Thai Spa Massage.
In addition to pampering him with sweet words, pamper your love with a moment of well-being. Our staff passionate about their work and attentive to your needs offers a wide range of massages for an exotic Valentine’s Day in an atypical and unique environment, truly conducive to the most absolute relaxation. A romantic atmosphere to show how much you love him and value his health. So find the ideal massage that will please and make your partner enjoy on this special day.

Essence of Valentine’s Day, beyond lucrative topics

Every February 14th, all over the planet, something as beautiful as love is celebrated. And we mean love of all kinds: be it romantic and passionate, family, or friendship. The world is filled with hearts, arrows, cupids and we all celebrate by toasting love on Valentine’s Day.

The objective of this day is often confused with the idea of ​​doing business, but let’s not fall into the classic error, we really celebrate an ancient tradition dating back to the third century in Rome. The emperor of that time, Claudius II, prohibited marriages between young couples for war purposes, so that there would be no emotional ties between his soldiers. As is known, they cannot be hindered in love, so people began to marry clandestinely thanks to a priest named Valentin, who was executed for having disobeyed the emperor’s orders on February 14th, 270, declaring himself a saint later and turning that day into which we know today, a day to claim the freedom of love.

Original gift, loaded with relaxation and well-being

A moment of well-being for the person you love is the clearest way to show how much you care and your concern for their happiness. Surely you are starting to like the idea, so we will talk about the benefits of the treatments we offer at Thai Spa Massage.

Relaxing is essential to maintain our health and consequently we will avoid many problems, both mental and physical. Thai or Balinese massages with essential oils, whose technique for treating problems of the body and mind has been developed in millenary experience, which combined with a few moments in the hydromassage bathtubs of our facilities, make up the right solution that adds well-being to your life.

Is your partner stressed by his day to day? Material gifts will not make this problem go away, but a Thai massage will keep any worries, as well as stress, away from your mind throughout the session. This Valentine’s Day gift reduces tension, activates energy, promotes the elimination of toxins and increases body beauty. Its effects will not only be noticed during the session, but later, since they have anti-stress effects and fight against insomnia.

Why is a Thai massage the perfect Valentine’s gift?

The worst thing that can happen in a relationship is falling into a rut. Original gifts on special days like Valentine’s Day are the perfect occasion to surprise your better half, the friend you want to remember how much you love him or any family member. At Thai Spa Massage we have a wide range of services that adjust to the preferences of any person, no matter how demanding their whims may be. Also, the gift can be shared between both of you! Spend an unforgettable day, while receiving the countless benefits that Thai massages bring to physical and mental health.

Promo Dinner / Thai Food + Couple’s Massage

Another option for you to celebrate the day of love with the person you choose is to give the experience of “travel to Thailand without leaving Barcelona” with our Special Promotion: a Thai experience for two, the result of the collaboration between Thai Spa Massage Barcelona and Thai Barcelona Royal Cuisine, which consists of a Thai lunch or dinner for two at the Thai Barcelona Royal Cuisine, and a 60-minute couple’s massage in a special room for couples, at Thai Spa Massage Barcelona, ​​for you to enjoy with your partner. of Thai gastronomy and Thai massages, in the heart of Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona.

A shared experience in which you will begin with a gastronomic tasting of Thai lunch or dinner for two with a good selection of wines, in an incomparable setting; moving on to a Thai, Balinese massage treatment, or the specialty that we offer of Thai-Balinese fusion massage for two people. The one-hour treatment will achieve a complete sensation of relaxation and beauty, completely pampering your bodies, calming your minds, providing the most pleasant experience for such a special occasion as Valentine’s Day. Your favorite person will be eternally grateful for this original idea.

The best Valentine’s gift in just a few small steps

We also recommend the “Thai Deluxe Couples Treatment”, being an exclusive treatment with a hydrotherapy session in the Jacuzzi, being able to choose two from our entire repertoire of massages, activating your energy and freeing you from any external concern.

Another ideal treatment for Valentine’s Day would consist of the “Special Day for couples at Thai Spa”, a combination for a complete treatment and hydration: hydrotherapy with essential oils, a body scrub consisting of body exfoliation or a body wrap hydration wrap, leaving the skin perfect, to finish with a complete Thai massage, generating maximum relaxation for both.

You just have to enter our page, select the treatment that best suits your requirements and the duration, choose the type of gift between Gift Box, which we will send by Glovo to any part of Barcelona city or Gift Card, which we will send you by e-mail and surprise your partner! If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

A Thai massage for couples is the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, an experience to remember for a long time, since there is nothing better than sharing a moment of well-being. Discover the benefits of a Thai massage, creating moments of complicity between you.

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