Thai Spa Massage – Covid Free



The safety of our clients and that of our professional masseuses is our priority.

Thai Spa Massage Barcelona has obtained the Covid Free certificate granted by the Passeig de Gracia Merchants Association, by meeting all the necessary requirements to obtain it for the safety of our customers and workers. An essential recognition to be able to carry out our services with the comfort and attention you deserve.

The APG Covid Free seal is found on the shop windows and main access doors. All certified establishments have the distinctive mark of the establishment’s security, and assures their clients to enjoy services and experiences in complete safety.

At Thai Spa Massage Barcelona, we carry out the cleaning and disinfection of our Thai massage centre after each treatment, and daily prior to opening. Disinfecting door knobs, sinks, floors, work tools and all of our Thai massage rooms.

Our professional masseuses use FFP2 masks or equivalent, to ensure the safety of our clients and theirs. We have increased the frequency of washing ventilation filters, such as air conditioning.

In our Thai massage centre in Barcelona, you will find disinfectant gel available to our clients and employees. Offering masks and recommending their use inside the premises.

Keep a safe and clean distance from massage rooms

It is important to keep the safety distance of one and a half meters, as long as the treatment or massage is not being performed. Focusing on an exhaustive control of the maximum capacity of the establishment. We use separating screens in customer service at the reception or service charge, in order to guarantee the distance and protection of both and we try to schedule the treatments so that clients do not have to cross into the Spa.

At each shift change, cleaning tasks are carried out in the massage room, reinforcing the disinfection of the staff’s common areas.

We certify that all of our Thai masseuses are symptom free by coming to the workplace every day.

Now more than ever, we need to release tension. Take care of yourself and relax in our Thai massage centre, Thai Spa Massage Barcelona, you deserve it.
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