Purifies the skin with aromatic massage



The Thai aromatic massage purifies the skin of toxins through a complete treatment with essential oils, personalized and recommended for all ages, achieving perfectly balanced smooth skin with a luminous complexion.

The Real Thai massage consists of exerting pressure on the energy points, achieving a balance between body and mind that gives us complete well-being. In addition, in our facilities, the use of aromatic oil as part of Thai massage facilitates the smoothing of ligaments and tendons in the direction of the muscles, associated with pressure on energy points.
Among the many virtues of massage with aromatic oils are the elimination of toxins from the body and blood stimulation. This action manages to eliminate toxins from the skin, thus ensuring its purification and complete restoration.

The main benefits of aromatic oils

Receiving a Thai massage with aromatic oil pressed on the face eliminates the bacteria that form daily on the skin, reduces the appearance of pimples, spots due to sun exposure or age and wrinkles. These types of treatments stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, in addition to reducing blood pressure, promoting the elimination of toxins from the body.

The essential oils used in Thai massages contain lauric acid, a component that is also found in breast milk. Babies, whose immune systems are weak, need to have the contents of breast milk shown to develop their immune system. Oils contain this acid in large quantities, being a saturated fatty acid that contains benefits for health and beauty.

Skin care by exfoliation

The system that renews cells is much more active in children and adolescents than in adults. It is noticeable because, when looking at the skin of children or adolescents, they show a freshness and look more radiant than that of adults. For this reason, the scrub, by facilitating the removal of dead cells, leaves room for new ones, fresher and more radiant than damaged ones.

Among the various treatments we offer you, the so-called Body Scrub or Body Wrap combine the numerous properties of aromatic oils and exfoliation to purify the skin by friction. The purpose of exfoliation is to cleanse the skin of the face and body, clearing clogged pores of impurities and oils. Easily removes dead cells that accumulate on the skin, the results being visible from the first day.

Replace cosmetics with essential oils

People with fragile skin or those who suffer from allergies, sensitive to cosmetic products, can benefit from the treatment with aromatic oils since our professional masseurs regulate the use of oil and pressure in the favorable areas of the face and body to stimulate the skin cell renewal. These types of treatments help repair damaged cells, effectively erasing the marks left by acne and age spots. Because the oils are completely natural, the result is completely smooth skin that is soft to the skin and body.

Result? Purified skin, sublime complexion and deep relaxation. It is recommended to perform one of our treatments once a month to keep the skin healthy and in good shape, guaranteeing optimal and visible results from the first day.

Don’t wait any longer, and book your treatment at Thai Spa Massage Barcelona. Because you deserve it!

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