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Polynesian massage has been practiced for more than 4,000 years in the group of islands located in the central and southern Pacific Ocean. Today we travel from Bangkok to Honolulu to discover this great luxury.

All of us at some time in our lives have imagined living life on the shore of a paradisiacal beach, sunbathing to achieve the perfect skin tone, with no other concern than relaxing in one of the best possible settings. Eternal summer, good weather and joy are a luxury that only some people lucky enough to have been born in a paradise can enjoy every day. And no, on this occasion, although it could be the case, we are not talking about the coasts of Thailand, the land of smiles. With a totally different culture from ours and a different geographical context, the Polynesian islands have developed one of the most relaxing massages that exist. This is the perfect place to tell you everything you need to know about this practice.

Lomi Lomi Practitioner applying pressure with the elbows, one of the massage passes of the treatment

The Polynesian massage, known as massage Lomi Lomi more than a massage is a ritual. The perfect way to enjoy this ritual is on the beach, with the sound of the waves in the background. Why? Because they are the ones that mark the entire rhythm of this ceremony, from beginning to end. In this type of massage, the hands follow each of the movements of the waves, slowly and gently. When the wave breaks, the hand will push with the same force of the ocean the part of your body that needs healing the most, and as it comes it will go. This movement is repeated in harmony, until reaching a high meditative degree, ensuring maximum relaxation at all times.

More than a massage

Polynesian grass skirts were introduced to Hawaii by immigrants from the Gilbert Islands (small atolls that are now part of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati) in the 1870s and 1880s.

The word “massage” in some of the Polynesian languages ​​has several meanings on each island, some translations define it simply as “massage”, others give it the meaning of “breaking into small pieces” and others, instead, give it a different meaning. deeper and more spiritual how it is to “work from the inside out”. This type of massage so different from the Thai, however, has an origin and a philosophy that is not so different from this.

Polynesian massages are made up of 3 fundamental points, 3 cardinal points, 3 pillars. One of them is polish. The word pule means “prayer” or “blessing” in reference to the prayers that were made in ancient times while performing this type of healing massage. The other key word is ha, breath. When the masseur is doing his job, your body reaches such a point of relaxation that your breathing becomes deep, very deep, and regular. And finally, the most important concept of all, is the mana, the energy. Does it ring a bell? This concept of energy used by Hawaiians is very similar to that of qi and traditional Chinese medicine that we explain in our post about reflexology.

Thai Tip!

Coconut oil is the absolute protagonist of massages in the region. Extracted directly from the insides of the coconut, this natural oil has such great benefits that it is a staple not only in Hawaiian and Polynesian massage, but also in the cosmetology and skin, nail and nail care industries. hair. Traditionally, coconut oil is applied directly to the hair as a kind of natural mask. This is why Polynesian women and men have such long and strong hair! In Thailand, this oil is also sometimes used as a massage tool. In addition, the sweet and tropical essence of coconut immerses you in an atmosphere of incredible relaxation. If you are going to get a massage for yourself or your partner, try incorporating it into the session. Adding the sound of waves in the background reaches the pinnacle of this magical experience.

One of the best points of this type of massage is the large number of benefits it has. It can help you on your way to finding peace and emotional stability outside of the daily grind. In addition, beyond the benefits of relaxation, Lomi Lomi has many benefits on a physical level. If you have any ailment and are looking for something that will help you recover little by little, this type of massage is the best for you.

A Polynesian massage can be very helpful with circulation problems in the arms and legs, especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting. It also helps regulate digestion and relieves premenstrual pain. At the respiratory level, the meditative state that you will enter through the massage will help strengthen your lungs!

A well protected by its people

This massage is a fundamental cultural pillar of the Hawaiian culture. Indeed, it accompanies them at every stage of life: from conception, to birth, to maturity and adulthood. Today the teaching of this is a well protected by the Hawaiian people. In honor of this respected style of massage, countless associations have been created for its good teaching. One of the largest is the association called ‘Ahahui Lomilomi Hawai’i, located in Kealakekua that has hundreds of students full of vocation year after year. You can also find the correspondents trained by this school thanks to a list of contacts available on its website. Today they work in massage parlors around the globe, from the US to Australia, passing through Japan, Canada and throughout Europe!

If you feel like trying this type of massage, don’t worry! You don’t have to go all the way to Hawaii, Tahiti or Samoa to experience pure Polynesian relaxation. Visit us at Thai Spa Massage and live one of the most relaxing experiences you will live in your life in the most welcoming environments and hand in hand with the best professionals in the country. We will welcome you with an “aloha!”.

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