At Thai Spa Massage we have won the Travelers’ Choice 2021!



For the third consecutive year we have received the greatest recognition: yours.

We already achieved it in 2019, just a year after giving the first massages. We also get it in 2020 thanks to all your positive reviews. And this year, you have done it again! Our center has been awarded the Travelers’ Choice 2021 award – formerly known as the “Certificate of Excellence” – from the highest authority on travel websites, Tripadvisor, thanks to your ratings. This website has 490 million monthly visitors, 96 million members and 760 million opinions and comments, and the vast majority of those that you have left us are positive. That is the reason for our pride.

We feel fortunate to receive this award because it is something that only 10% of the businesses that register on this website achieve, and it means that we constantly receive excellent opinions from you, the people who enjoy our services. But for each and every member of the Thai Spa Massage team, this is so much more. We are passionate about what we do and thanks to the reviews, you fuel the fire that keeps our passion alive. We do it for you and the improvement of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Why is it so important to Thai Spa Massage?

The dim lighting of our rooms, the smell of essential oils that permeates the entire venue, the Thai tradition embodied in our walls … Each of these things is there for a reason. We firmly believe that the key to our success is in those little details that transport you to the most real Asia, to the Asia of sensations. For this reason, our entire team works actively to make you feel the full Thai experience in the heart of Barcelona. We are enthusiastic about our culture and that is why we strive to transmit it first hand.

For this reason, the entire Thai Spa Massage team would like to thank you deeply for this award. It is not something that we have opted for after the greatest expert in massage parlors has stopped by our salon to rate what we offer, this award has been given to us by you and that is much more important. It means that you love our commitment to Thailand! And it is that we are constant in keeping alive the essence of the country of smiles, improving every day the quality of what we offer. But above all, it means that we are contributing to your well-being.

Many thanks to all the clients who have visited Thai Spa Massage so far!

And those of you who have not done it yet, we encourage you to come and feel a real Thai experience with us, thanks to our great team of qualified masseurs and the wide variety of massages that we offer in our menu, in an exotic and unique environment in Barcelona. What a wonder to our visitors. We invite you to visit the web and choose the treatment that your body needs. We will wait for you!

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