History of Oriental Massage

Throughout history, massages have been one of the most effective means of achieving well-being.

Human contact has a strong power over our body, which is why centuries have passed since massages began to be practiced. In order to clarify what its evolution has been over time, here is a brief summary of oriental massages.

Origins of Thai massage

Despite the fact that today we find this type of massage in specialized centers like ours, reality tells us that in the past everything happened in a more organic way, and that massages were part of people’s daily life when someone was not feeling well. Logically, in a time like ours in which everything is commercialized, we currently see how these treatments are offered from different places.

The Asian tradition has been the one that has endured over time. Thailand, Japan or China are the countries that have allowed these treatments to be maintained over time of the centuries, since they were transmitted from generation to generation. Although they have always been mainly applied by women, no kind of treatment should be neglected.

It is in the Middle Ages when this oriental tradition penetrates European culture. From the jacuzzis and massages so characteristic of the care of Asian women, health takes on greater importance in our society and around the 18th century, documents were translated explaining medicinal treatments and oriental massage techniques.

Thai massage is one of the most important and successful traditions today. Today, in specialized centers like ours, treatments are offered in which different influences come together, always taking into account the curative properties of this kind of therapy.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous variants and any massage is good as long as it is practiced by professionals. At Thai Spa Massage we take the well-being of our clients very seriously and that is why we create an ideal environment so that body and mind are totally relaxed at the end of the treatment. It is not only about ancient techniques, but about knowing how to wrap the man in an appropriate environment to maximize the benefits of the massage.

If you want to know the healing properties of Thai massages, you just have to contact us and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied. A Thai massage is excellent for all the problems that affect us today, since it is a return to the origins of those societies in which people lived more simply and at peace with oneself. Unfortunately, although we have made progress in other fields, well-being is sometimes relegated to the background due to the need to work and consume to unsuspected limits.

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