Against stress: Thai massage



Reduces tension, increases energy and stimulates blood circulation; discover how Thai massage helps you fight stress.

The Thai technique is ideal for those who want an active massage, capable of penetrating the contractures, eliminate pain and undo stress. Studies indicate that the benefits of Thai massage come from the gentle pressure applied during the massage to the most strategic points of the body. And it is that in Thai medicine there are 72,000 medicinal points distributed throughout the body and our therapists use their fingers and palms to work on these special areas. But it doesn’t end here. Thai massage has many more ways to relax the body and relieve stress.

More and more people are turning to traditional Thai massage as an alternative treatment. Deep thumb massage is combined with muscle stretching to improve circulation in the body. But how does the Thai massage get rid of stress and eliminate anxiety? These stretches and together with pressure are the answer. Thanks to these passes, the temperature of the skin increases along with the blood flow of the muscles. This reaction of our body reduces anxiety and controls stress.

The results of Thai massage are so surprising that in recent years a multitude of studies have been developed to analyze its effects. Research shows that Thai massage sessions are an ideal method to improve physical energy levels thanks to the increase in temperature generated by stretching, very similar to those practiced in Yoga.

How many sessions of Thai massage are necessary to enjoy the effects?

The results are evident from the first session. After a Thai massage, the muscles feel more flexible, the skin is smoother and the brain is more rested. The effect on stress is the same immediately. However, the best results come from consistency. A weekly Thai massage treatment is a great way to banish stress and improve physical health. If we combine massages with an active life and small relaxation rituals, we will see how our body is no longer subjected to the inconveniences of stress.

But where we will really notice changes is on a more spiritual plane. During a Thai massage we can achieve a kind of mental peace induced by the movements of our masseuse, which will adapt to our body to guarantee the correct movement of our joints and muscles.

But the best way to discover the anti-stress properties of Thai massage is to try it! Contact us and book your session today.

Reduces tension, increases energy and stimulates blood circulation; discover how Thai massage helps you fight stress.

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