TopRated 2020 Treatwell Certificate



We repeated for the third consecutive year obtaining the Treatwell Top Rated certificate

To celebrate once again the fantastic customer experience in our facilities, the most outstanding website in booking appointments for body care and beauty treatments in our country, awards Thai Spa Massage with the Top Rated 2020 award.
This award consists of earning the highest qualification certificate as well as additional visibility on Treatwell, a wonderful way to thank all the work we do for your well-being.
Selection requirements depend on various criteria, always based on experience and treatment of customers, such as positive opinions of the same on the web, a high number of online reservations, and fundamentally, a high average score. All this thanks to the dedication and construction of a closer relationship with our clients.

What guarantees does the Treatwell Top Rated certificate ensure?

Being Treatwell a benchmark in wellness and beauty, we are pleased to highlight the characteristics of the services we offer to the client in our facilities:

Quality in customer service with personalized treatments for each one, according to the needs that are required to be covered. Our clients are satisfied, repeating the experience and positively evaluating our work on the web.

The comfort of the clients is a factor that we always keep in mind, paying attention to every detail in the sessions, taking care of body and mind at every moment, recovering the necessary well-being after intense days or stressful routines. We offer the best beauty and body treatment sessions, ensuring a feeling of relaxation from head to toe, without neglecting the tranquility of the mind.

Our native Thai masseurs are specialized in the matter, guaranteeing a delicate treatment through fluid communication with the user. In addition, the wide range of treatments that we offer in the center, covers all the client’s needs. Depending on the mental and physical state of each one, our professionals will recommend one treatment or another, so that there is no doubt or discomfort.

We have oriental facilities suitably set to restore calm and a state of total relaxation by stimulating all the senses. We focus on creating meaningful experiences for our users to repeat treatments, always feeling at home and creating connections with clients.

We are pleased to thank for the third consecutive year, the recognition of Treatwell, evidence that places our center as one of the most important Thai massage services in Barcelona, ​​reaffirming the importance we attach to each of our sessions, achieving tranquility and well-being of all clients.

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