Thai Gastronomy: taste a fascinating culture



Thai cuisine is known as one of the best in the world. Discover a new culture or get closer to the ancient Thai tradition with the fusion of the most typical dishes and Thai massage. Live a completely exciting day!

Are you thinking about the few post-confinement plans and your ideas are running out? In this situation, discovering new cultures in their countries is more difficult than ever. How can we enjoy another culture, its customs and its gastronomy without leaving the city? We suggest you discover Thailand in a different way.

Thailandia: a new variety of ingredients

Thai food is a perfect blend of intense flavors brought from all corners of Asia and practically the world! Thai culture has received gastronomic nuances from different regions, possessing qualities of Chinese cuisine, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian gastronomy and even slight European touches. The essence of Thai food is the balance between five flavors: sour, bitter, salty, sweet, and especially spicy. Many of the Thai dishes carefully mix all of these really tempting touches.

Thai Breakfast

The first thing the body asks of us at the beginning of the day is a good breakfast, and Thai cuisine stands out for its abundant and varied breakfasts. The traditional Thai breakfast in a bowl of rice, called Jok, with cooked pork or chicken, accompanied by garlic, ginger, soy and prawns, being able to add egg and pickled gherkins. After breakfast, it is ideal to opt for one of the facial and body beauty treatments, which use methods of Eastern philosophy to start the day radiant and full of energy.

Typical dishes to try for lunch and dinner

We are going to do a brief review of the essential dishes of Thai gastronomy: typical foods for lunch or dinner, and it is not strange to find them at breakfast!

Pad Thai: The great known classic of Thai cuisine based on stir-fried noodles with egg, sprouts and soy sauce, seasoned with chili, sugar, lime and chopped peanuts. You just need to add chicken, shrimp or tofu! According to your preferences.

Geang Keow Ean Gai: It essentially consists of green curry with chicken and spices, all of this braised and quite spicy!

Tom Yum Goong: It is one of the most famous soups in the country, consisting of a spicy soup with shrimp that also contains tomato, chili º and vegetables.

Khao Pad Goong: among the most classic dishes we find this fried rice cooked in wok with soy sauce, egg, vegetables, shrimp; and meat to taste like pork or chicken.

Pad Thai Tod Man: very spicy pancakes with fish, curry, spices and lime. A treat for the palate.

Today Tod: a delicious oyster and coriander omelette.

Kai Med Ma Muang: the typical Thai dish consisting of chicken with cashews sauteed in wok, to which soy sauce and vegetables are added.

Tom Yung Goong: It is a spicy Thai soup, served with shrimp, chili, tomato, chili and mushrooms. It has a very intense flavor.

Kuay Teow Lui Suan: Thai-style spring rolls, filled with soy and vegetables, made with rice paper. It is a healthy dish, very fashionable.

Massaman Curry: originally from southern Thailand, made with chicken or cow meat and peanuts. It is accompanied with rice and potatoes.

Tom Kha Kai: chicken in coconut milk forming a soup. Its flavor is soft, ideal if you are not a lover of spicy.

Som Tum: spicy green papaya salad combined with other fruits and vegetables that vary according to the restaurant and the season. It is the ideal combination between spicy and acidic flavor.

Let’s not forget to accompany our gastronomic experience with the best traditional Thai drinks like Nam Maphrao – a refreshing coconut drink – or a Thai iced tea called Cha Yen.

And to end a Thai themed day, three typical desserts:

Khao Niao Mamuang: consisting of glutinous rice with coconut milk and mango, ideal for the heat, it is served very cold!

Durian ice cream: it is a very typical ice cream, which must be tasted without fail, made with durian, a tasty fruit from Southeast Asia.

Kluai Buat Chi: banana cooked in coconut milk.

Conclude your day with an exclusive Thai treatment:

After having tasted a good Thai feast, the best option to achieve maximum Thai well-being is one of our traditional therapies. Discover one of the oriental hand treatments of our native Thai therapists, combined with natural and aromatic products. End this special day achieving maximum well-being, relieving tensions and stress.

Enjoy your day in an original and different way with this exclusive trip, without agencies or transportation, feeding your senses thanks to novelties for taste, touch and smell with the best that this exotic country has to offer.

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