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We tell you some tricks to reduce menstrual pain and ensure that it is not, every month, an inconvenience

If you are a woman, it is very likely that you have felt that intense and stabbing pain in the lower abdomen that means that your period is about to arrive. That feeling of discomfort caused by your uterus is a major inconvenience when you need to be productive, and you may have searched under the rocks to find a solution to help you with this setback.

And it is that, many times, working, studying or simply, living a normal life, becomes an unbearable task with constant pain in the lower back and lower abdomen; But that’s not all: menstruation is accompanied by a whole group of other ailments and symptoms that make our daily routine more difficult, such as headaches, diarrhea, feeling weak, lack of concentration or insomnia. Although these are only an example, the list is as long and varied as the women who suffer them. If you are looking for how to relieve period pain, we give you the keys to achieve it.

Normally, such pain is not usually given as much importance as it should, but even if it is considered normal – 75% percent of young women suffer from it, along with 25% percent of adult women – a premenstrual syndrome Strong (PMS) can mean that our internal organs suffer from another type of disease, such as endometriosis. Therefore, it is always appropriate to visit your gynecologist to verify that everything is working properly.

But how can we relieve menstrual pain? From Thai Spa Massage we offer you some totally natural remedies that will help you live that moment of the month with more serenity. First, we have to understand what our menstruation is due to.

Our menstruation is the end — and the beginning — of the menstrual cycle, which lasts from about 28 to about 31 days. This cycle is divided in half by ovulation, the time when the ovary releases a mature egg that is ready to be fertilized. If that egg is not fertilized, by expelling the egg, the production of progesterone decreases, causing the walls of the uterus to start to detach, causing vaginal bleeding and starting what is known as menstruation.

But then why do our ovaries hurt?

Although the pain of menstruation is commonly attributed to the ovaries, they have little to do with it. Period pain corresponds to the contractions of the uterus to expel the mucosa that covers it —endometrium—, which are similar to those of childbirth. It is estimated that women have an average of 400 periods throughout our fertile life. A lot, right?

Top 3 remedies against menstrual cramps

Tea is an alternative to traditional medicine to treat the symptoms of menstruation.

If from time to time you enjoy an infusion or a tea, this is the best option for you. It has been known for millennia that teas have certain healing and relaxing properties, depending on the ingredients with which the infusion is made. Cinnamon tea and basil tea are the best option for some of the conditions caused by menstruation.

Cinnamon can help reduce menstrual pain because it contains anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cinnamon helps lower the levels of prostaglandins, which are the substances involved in pain and inflammation during menstruation, while increasing endorphins – the happiness hormone -, reducing pain in the area and softening premenstrual syndrome . This beneficial spice also helps us with the amount of bleeding, reducing it, as well as decreasing uterine contractions.

Thanks to its diuretic and antispasmodic properties, basil helps relieve the discomfort of premenstrual symptoms.

Basil also has very beneficial properties for PMS and the abdominal pain that it causes. This leaf has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory active ingredients, which reduce the pain caused by contractions. In addition, as a plus, it is the best option to combat respiratory problems!

A little heat never hurts

Microwave-heated seed bags are ideal for applying heat to the belly and alleviating menstrual cramps.

Heat is a classic method used to combat pain in the lower abdomen. Since it helps to relax the area and will lower the frequency of contractions. What is the best way to apply it? Well, we present you the best two options.

Hot water bottles are not something new, but they are totally effective if our need is to put a heat source in a localized area. The hot bags that are on the market right now have an anti-drip security system and the linings that cover them have designs to everyone’s taste. The use of this system is simple: first, you boil the water and then, very carefully and preferably with the help of a funnel, you proceed to put the water in the bag, et voilà !, you already have the bag ready to relieve your pain.

Another of the best options for applying heat is the bag of seeds. These pillow-shaped sachets are filled with wheat seeds, a material that absorbs and maintains heat very well. Its use is simple, you only have to heat them in the microwave for the minutes indicated by the manufacturer. Nothing more. Once outside, it will already be hot and you can make good use of it.

However, you have to be careful with the application of heat on the belly, because too much can cause burns and can be more harmful than beneficial if you do not apply it gradually, with a cloth, for example.

Massages can also help you

Have you tried everything and still wondering how to get rid of your period pain?

Massages have a wide variety of benefits and are a very good ally to fight against physical pain. A good massage can help you cope with the symptoms of PMS in a much lighter way. You just have to turn on some dim lights, use a few drops of rosemary, and massage your abdominal area gently, without applying pressure. This will help relax the area, make you feel calmer, and reduce pain considerably.

Thai TIP!

Chi Nei Tsang is an abdominal massage of Taoist origin that can help you with the typical discomforts of your period before and during menstruation. Its objective, as in the rest of Nuad Boran, is that the energy retained in the organs maintains its constant flow to avoid retentions that in the long run can cause you discomfort. Once you try it, it will become your best ally to calm menstrual cramps.

If what you are looking for is a professional experience, you can always go to a specialized massage center, such as Thai Spa Massage, where we will help you select the most suitable massage for you, thanks to our wide variety of services and promotions: there is a 15 % discount on vouchers for 10 massages! Fluid retention, numbness, and the psychological symptoms of PMS, such as stress or anxiety, will be a thing of the past. Treat yourself to well-being; Visit us.

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