May 6: Barça-Madrid and Thai massage



May 6 is one of those days marked in red on the football lovers’ calendar. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will meet at the Camp Nou for another Classic.

While “the Merengue”s have not performed at their best in the league championship, their form in the Champions League bodes well for a titanic match.
In addition, it is possible that, depending on the results of the previous meetings, Barcelona will be proclaimed league champions on this day, so the party could be monumental. Surely, when time passes and we look back, we will remember this game as one of the great moments in recent Barca history. Therefore, to round off a milestone like this, we can’t think of a better complement than a Thai massage, which goes perfectly with the euphoria caused by sport.

Massages and football: the perfect combination

Our masseuses are specialized in the human body, so they know their reactions according to the mood and physical ailments you may have. In this way, they know how to choose the best way to manipulate you so that the benefits of the massage are multiplied. Undoubtedly, the relationship between soccer and massages has always been there, butit’s time for you to experience it firsthand.

As you can already imagine, in a Barça-Madrid the interest is not limited to solely football. They are two different ways of conceiving sport and, by extension, life in general. Although it is true that some sector of the hobbies takes this opportunity to give free rein to their baser instincts and provoke violent conflicts, we advocate living it in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility , enjoying the result if is favorable and downplaying it if it is not.

Thai massages have been shown to effectively help recover from bad drinks. Its benefits, both physical and mental, are achieved through the use of ancient techniques whose effectiveness is more than proven. That is why it is always recommended to resort to professional masseurs, since otherwise the positive impact of the therapy is not only reduced, but it can even become a counterproductive treatment. The last thing you want is to pay to feel better, so contact Thai Spa Massage and you will have access to the best Thai massages in Barcelona.

Whether you come from abroad or live in the city, the location of our massage center is perfect to go without haste or complications. Our advice, since the match takes place on the night of Sunday the 6th, is to take the opportunity to treat yourself and take a break: take Monday as a vacation day, forget about the work routine and come to Thai Spa Massage to start the week in a different way than usual. Your body and mind will thank you.

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