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Foot massage is a traditional Thai practice that eliminates tension, relieves pain, reduces stress and restores the body’s general balance.

The Thai foot massage technique comes from the meeting between shiatsu -Chinese massage-, foot reflexology and yoga. It is designed to offer immediate and lasting relaxation to all who benefit from this treatment. In addition, thanks to the subtlety coming from the mixture of various methods studied over millennia, it is accessible and adaptable to all kinds of people. Stimulation, relaxation, rebalancing … Here we show you the benefits of Thai foot massage!

The origin of foot massage

Foot massage, or foot reflexology, is a treatment originating in China, being part of natural medicine. This massage helps to end tensions, relieve pain, reduce stress and, above all, restore the general balance of the body. Foot reflexology has been performed for more than 5000 years in Asian countries, currently being practiced around the world.

It is inspired by acupuncture and decongestion of its key points, as well as shiatsu. When performing this foot massage, our professionals take care of each organ of the body, balancing the flow of body energy and vital energy.

In fact, in Asian culture, the human body is considered to diffuse an energy flow, which, fluctuating correctly, brings health and harmony to daily life.

Foot reflexology to cure ailments

The feet represent the state of health of the human body according to Thai culture. The human body is symbolized on the soles of the feet, therefore, the points of interest of the body are spread along them, establishing a mapping of the organism and its physical state.

During a foot massage session with our professionals, they can feel the body conditions simply by observing key points of the feet. Therapists study the resistance, quality and hardness of these points, evaluating their condition and their treatment, being special in each case. This type of massage stimulates the self-healing system through pressure, making deep and prolonged movements.

The foot, map of the human body

Commonly regarded as the link between the entire body, the foot is particularly sensitive. Each of its reflex zones corresponds to strategic points of parts of the anatomy, being made up of almost 8000 nerve endings, which need to be professionally manipulated. Therefore, from the heel to the tip of each toe, different localized areas are treated with very special care.

The organs on the left side of the body are shown on the left foot and those on the right side are shown on the right foot. Each key point represents an organ of the human body. From the sinuses to the sciatic nerve, a number of 39 key points are present in the feet and correspond to important parts of the body.

The precision of the detail. Rebalancing of bodily functions.

Foot massage is a true moment of relaxation, a parenthesis of well-being just for you. Activates blood circulation and calms the nervous system, which helps to eliminate stress and tension accumulated during a tiring routine, recreating a harmony on the energy of the body by restoring physiological well-being and emotional balance.

Foot reflexology helps to properly discover organ dysfunctions and treat them. Certain pathologies such as migraines, digestive disorders, sleep disorders or prolonged fatigue, can be alleviated thanks to Thai foot massage, instead of consuming synthetic substances.

Our therapists do not focus only on the pain points you may have, but also take into consideration the entire body and massage the entire foot, not just the area of ​​pain.

Nerve and blood stimulation

The foot harbors many endings, as we have ascertained previously, they allow us to feel the terrain and be participants in our environment. Foot massage stimulates nerve endings, keeping the same system on alert. Prolonged and repeated treatment promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. If, for example, you are a victim of heavy legs, foot massage will alleviate that unpleasant sensation.

Unique muscle relaxation

The delicate and repetitive passage of the fingers over the arch of the foot favors muscle relaxation. This causes a reduction of stress and reduction of fatigue. This help is important because the feet tend to spend a lot of time compressed and mistreated with rigid and narrow shoes. That’s why taking off your shoes at the end of a long day is one of the best feelings in the world!

Our masseuses have full knowledge of acupuncture concepts related to Thai methods and will know how to make you benefit from absolutely incredible muscle wellness only by correct treatment of your feet.

Foot massage has become over time a form of infallible treatment for the discomfort caused in that area and the connection points with it. Do not hesitate and opt for a foot massage with our professional therapists!

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