Advantages of lymphatic drainage in Thai massage



Thai massage helps to strengthen the immune system. Thanks to the lymphatic drainage in the Sen lines, we manage to balance our body: discover how we exercise these paths in Thai Spa Massage.

Lymphatic massage is part of massage therapy, in which we combine the field of pressure therapy and alternative medicine. We rely on stimulating the drainage of lymph, the fluid that carries waste from tissues in our body to organs such as the spleen, passing through the heart.
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What is the origin of lymphatic drainage?

Manual lymphatic drainage was originated in the 1930s by two Danish scientists: Drs. Emil Vodder and Estrid Vodder. One of his initial goals was to cure chronic sinusitis, among other immune disorders. It arose while they were working on the French Mediterranean coast, when treating patients with chronic colds they found that they had swollen lymph nodes.

As a result of this discovery, in 1932 they began to study the lymphatic system, composing a series of light movements with the hands to make the lymphatic circulation more fluid. This was introduced in 1936 in Paris and promoted in Copenhagen after the Second World War, lasting in time and reaching our center today.

When is a lymphatic massage necessary?

Lymphatic drainage massage may be necessary due to the inflammation of some of the lymph nodes in the human body, which are found in the neck, armpits, abdomen and groin. If any of these are not working properly, it can cause a wide variety of problems.

As we have already mentioned, the inadequate flow of lymph can lead to chronic sinusitis, in addition to flu, bronchitis or pneumonia, among other adverse situations in anyone who, in principle, is healthy. Other parts of the body, such as the spleen, can also be affected or even get an ear infection.

Sometimes our users, despite taking care of themselves and practicing sports in their day to day, who take care of themselves, but need to go through the hands of our masseurs for the recovery of lymphatic drainage and to prevent it from degenerating into stretch marks, cellulite or flaccidity of some body parts.

Learn how to do a correct lymphatic drainage

To perform lymphatic massage correctly and improve the immune system or eliminate cellulite, among other things, the masseurs at the center perform the massage passes at the precise points, offering all the properties of this technique.

It can be summarized in the words that the expert in lymphatic drainage Flavia Lanini had for Vogue magazine: The Brazilian businesswoman, who recently opened her clinic in West Hollywood, stated that the massage should be performed with a specific cream that preferably includes caffeine and antioxidants. That is why we rely on our wide range of oils and creams of Thai origin to nourish your skin.

First, “press the area that extends just below the clavicles to activate the drainage” (Rennert, 2020), explained Flanini. After that, “press each armpit three times with the opposite hand”, always being an upward movement.

Subsequently, both arms are incised from the elbow to the shoulder before moving to the abdomen and “compressing the area between the hip bones with a flat palm.“Also use, with one hand on top of the other, a circular motion around the navel five times.

Once we move to the lower half, the inguinal nodules are pressed three times with a closed fist. “Slide your hands up from your knees eight times,” she said. Finally, three pressures with the closed fist are repeated on the back of the knees and the hands are slid in 10 repetitions up to the heels.

With these techniques that we carry out at Thai Spa Massage, those interested will eliminate their circulation problems or solve their concern about their tired legs.

Know the benefits of Thai lymphatic massage!

With a correct technique such as the one we perform in our center, whether for facial lymphatic drainage, cellulite lymphatic drainage or leg lymphatic drainage, the amount of benefits that we can obtain a great variety of benefits for our body, our balance and our serenity.

Sometimes one of the greatest advantages that can be obtained is an improvement in the fight against cancer or in the recovery of a complicated surgery, although sometimes it is not advisable due to the delicate nature of the problem, so in most cases Sometimes what is sought is an aesthetic improvement.

One of the utilities that most ask our masseurs is to reduce cellulite and other fluid retention that we treat in our center.

Other benefits can be to reduce varicose veins and spider veins, reduce sagging skin, treat acne and other skin marks through drainage, or be able to produce collagen naturally by stimulating blood circulation.

On the other hand, preventive benefits are also obtained, such as avoiding stretch marks, in addition to reducing them once they have already appeared or relaxing the fatigue of the legs. They are practices focused mainly on postpartum massages, for those moms who want to take care of their body.

Other uses are to treat arthritis, osteoarthritis and other conditions such as tendinitis or capsulitis, which are often frequent in jobs that involve greater physical effort.

One of the most important positive points in our opinion is to be able to alleviate the pain of people who suffer from fibromyalgia, who have been fighting for so long to be seen as a real disease and can be studied.

If necessary, our workers can counteract digestive problems through passages and improve the breathing problems of some clients such as rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

Once we have explained all the benefits of lymphatic drainage, we invite you to come to our center to try the benefits of our technique. Thanks to our massages you will be able to see how your health will improve and you will gain in quality of life.

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